Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I am in line at the post office, Sam pleasantly asleep in his infant carrier at my feet. The lady behind me, very nicely asks how old he is, and we began to chat. And boy, this lady likes to talk. She has this annoying passive-aggressive way of giving me parenting advice, without really giving me advice, you know? It is all very nice and polite, but with all sorts of assumptions that I am an idiot and, man, she won't stop talking. I fidget with my bag of presents and look disparingly at the line of fellow procrastinators in front of me. Sam stirs. I joke how the line better move because he is due to awaken at any moment, explaining how I burned an hour of precious sleeping-baby-time getting my shit together and getting out the door...

"Well, you'll be quicker once you get organized."


"You'll find that once they get older, they can even help themselves"


"You see, you have to set up areas for them to put their things, like shoes, and beach gear, that way, everyone can find their things."


Wait. Hold on. Beach gear? Um, I'm pretty sure this lady is giving me advice she gleened off of last night's episode of Supernanny. I think of calling her out, but I don't. Luckily the line starts to move. I realize that being a new mother has brought out new things in the ability to be irritated by well-meaning but annoying older women. Oh, also, ROAD RAGE. I have no tolerance for idiot drivers when Sam is in the car. Or when he's not, because after all, he could be in the car. Not waiting your turn at a 4-way stop has become a capital offence in my book.

This less than pleasant attitude may have something to do with the season. Xmas is kicking my ass. Shopping, mailing crap, packing up baby stuff, gathering the dogs stuff, paying $28 to ship presents Express because there is no Priority slips anywhere and Sam threatening to awaken in full "Give me the boob!" frenzy...bah hum bug. I can't wait until we arrive in Connecticut at J's folks and can relax.

So, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope all your presents have been shipped and that Santa is kind to you. I am hoping in the new year I may be able to sit down at the computer a little more often and share what is going on...but Sam is in charge now, so I'll have to run it by him.


P-Diddy in Sin City said...

Considering you gave birth, oh a week and a half ago?, and you even care enough to send presents, absolves you of all rage issues.

I can't wait to meet Sam.

Anonymous said...

my only advice is to enjoy these early moments as much as possible. Everything and everyone else (even on time Christmas presents) can wait. Happy holidays to you and J and Sam. Enjoy your little bundle. I hope to see you in the new year.

nacho said...

Thanks ladies! the hat and cute! Oh, and I took pics of Mr. Man in the Vans, but light was low and I used flash and they didn't turn out great. I'll post anyway.

Rockergirrl...I'll definitely be in touch! Thanks for all your kind words. I notice Sam changing already, so I've been trying to enjoy every little bit of him.

amy. said...

Yeah, I totally would ahve wanted to call that woman out on the Supernanny thing. How funny. Just think of how lonely she must be to have to resort to giving parenting advice to random strangers at the post office.

I second the amazement that you made the effort to go to the po with Sam so soon after his birth. I don't even think I got out of bed/couch for 6 weeks and I didn't even ahve a c-section, lol.