Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am the Owner of the World's Smallest Ponytail

Things are progressing. I have finished painting the backsplash in the kitchen so our renters don't have to look at the Colonial Blue vine and magenta flowered wallpaper. I know it is not advisable to paint wallpaper...but believe me, it's much better.

In other news, I have cut my hair. Perhaps 'cut' isn't the right word. More like chopped...hacked...WHACKED. For those of you who didn't know, my hair was about... um, I don't know...long? like to mid-arm...2-3 feet? Not that you would know it. I never wore it down because it was kinda unhealthy and always tangled. I've been avoiding a 'salon' because they always make me look like a Ms. America contestant...or a news reporter. I have very thick hair and they always poof it up and I look ridiculous. But between not being able to upkeep on the grey because Nice and Easy is not the best idea in the first trimester, and not having my hair cut in 2 years, I was looking a little ragged...and kinda old. I was feeling frumpy.

My coworkers gave me a Chamber of Commerce gift certificate as a going away present so I figured, what the hell, and called the fancy salon downtown (if you check out the link, be sure your volume is down, they have music...crazy jazz flute music.) So I told Sarah, cute and young stylist (whew!) that I wanted to cover the grey if it was possible that it not touch my scalp too much and a new cut. She said she could to foils (that aluminum foil stuff...I felt so fancy) and would be sure to be careful.

Then she asked about the cut.

"I've been threatening to go short for a while"

"How short?"

"I still wnat to be able to pull it into a ponytail"

"Like a bob?"

"Yeah, but with layers, kinda funky."

"I think jaw length would look good on you."

I was sold. Tell me I'll look good, and I'll do whatever you say. After all, she's the professional. So she takes a rubberband, puts my hair in a low ponytail, and SNIP! gone. Then there was the coloring, then the shampooing, and then more cutting. She thinned out my hair so I wouldn't have a mushroom, did that cool attack the end ends with scissors thing I've seen on Blow Out. My hair was still wet, but I liked it...then she started blow drying.

She used a big ass round brush. My funky little do was transformed into a brunette hat. I kept thinking of that scene from Steel Magnolias when Sally Fields looks at herself in the mirror and says "it DOES look like a brown football helmet."

I mean, it looked good....if you're Katie Couric. Not really me. But it's a good cut and I think I can work with it. As soon as I got home, I wet it down a little to get rid of the poof. I haven't taken a shower yet, so we'll see what happens when the natural curl of my hair is released.

Ok, you probably want a pic. But the chord to the camera is lost in packing hell, so I had to take one with a web cam. Here it is. Do you like my blue mug?! A mug to cover my mug.

I will kill anyone who says Soccer Mom.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Official End of Winter

Well it's happened! Most people mark the end of winter by warming temperatures, the appearance of blossoms or such archaic tools as calendars, but for me, nothing says Spring as the timely removal of winter sediment from brown and dingy gutters. Yes, today I was honored with the loud booming noise of the street sweeper. Like a much needed exfoiliant, it spins and scrubs, removing many months worth of dirt and grime. Oh, the pure grey of the asphalt. And I find myself wanting it to rain, as if the final rinse will make it complete. How I wish to see April showers flow mudless in the gutter!

Tubbs is not as excited by the visit from the DPW. Well, perhaps he is excited. Excited in the way that he barks incessantly every time it makes a pass. Which causes me to yell at him. Yes, I say "Shut up" to the dog. I know it's not polite, but I figure he doesn't really get that. Sometimes I say "Please be quiet!", but it has the same effect. None. So 'shut up' is usually the default... because it has less syllables.

Update on the packing. It's more done. Does that make sense? Well, more of it has been done. Yes, that sounds better. Yesterday I emptied the kitchen island drawers and the side table? um, side board?...ok,the white thing by the stairs. Today it's the bathroom drawers and kitchen cabinets. But somehow, the more I do, the more chaotic the place looks. Thank god I'm not nesting yet, or this might drive me insane. Or perhaps I would be done by now. Which clearly would be a indication of insanity. So it's actually good that so much is left to do, no? Yes, I will go along with that.

Postscript: Oh! I must tell you. Though my news is exciting, my friend Sexy has perhaps what could be even more exciting news...truely every girls dream. Please wish her a heart-felt congratualtions! Click here.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A turkey won't be the only thing coming out of the oven this Thanksgiving

Oh, my poor neglected blog. So sorry I haven't been attentive as of late. I can blame it on the move, the packing, the organizing, but the truth is...I'm tired. Extremely tired, which is making me a little lazy. Well, maybe not lazy, I'm, when I'm not napping. Yes, in between my comatose spells on the couch I am a flurry of activity.

God, I'm exhausted. And I've been feeling a little sick. And I've been knitting up a storm. Um, and my boobs are bigger....

Why should you care? What does this all mean. Well, you've probably already guessed it, I'm pregnant! 8 weeks! I thought about keeping it secret until 3 months, as tradition calls for, but pretty much everybody already knows, so now you do too.

We found out 2 days after J gave 2 weeks notice at his old job. So the joyous smiles were coupled with slightly furrowed brows as we realized that our already big change was now exponentially more complicated and huge! But wonderful! Extremely wonderful! Yay!

So, no more drink, no more smoke, and a lot more ice cream. I figure the calories I used to consume in red wine are kinda like a credit...sitting there waiting to be spent. And pregnant lady is not supposed to lose weight, so bring on the Ben and Jerry's. Don't worry, I'm not going to use pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything under the sun and get all fat and bloated. Well, there's no gaurantee against the fat and bloated thing, but I'm going to keep it under control as much as I can. So far, no gain. Though I look a little pudgy around the middle, the number on the scale is the same. We'll see how long that lasts.

So there it is! A Thankgiving baby! Everyone is telling me to pray for a Sagittarius, not a Scorpio, especially if it's a girl. But I know a Scorpio lady (Hi Auntie!) and she's awesome.

So be prepared for a lot of baby talk and TMI to come. It's my blog and I'll bore if I want to.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Volvos are so punk rock

Boy, reading my last post I kinda sound like a bitch. Well, I guess I was a little fed up at that point. I have a feeling the Quote of the Week is going to fall by the wayside. I'm a little overwhelmed. I am up to my eyeballs in bank statements and IRA printouts. I am slowly going through about 4 years worth of paper that banks, governments and various financial institutions are nice enough to send us to let us know what is happening, and we are nice enough to ignore and put in a pile. Well, that pile ain't moving with us! So I have visited the office supply store and gotten some folders and paper clips...look out, Nacho's gettin' orgaznized!

Oh! and I almost forgot to tell you...guess who I saw coming out of the Office Supply store? Well, those of you who know where I live, probably know I live in the same town as a couple famous folks. Well, one couple of famous folks in particular. Well as I stepped out of my super yuppy Volvo station wagon, out of the glass door walksThurston Moore. And where is he going? To his own same year, same model Volvo station wagon (only white, mine is blue/green). Ha! I feel so much better about my mom-mobile knowing hipster rockers like Thurston Moore are driving the same.

I've seen Thurston at the grocery store, post office, airport (with wife Kim Gordon) and now Whalen's Office Supply. When we first moved here I said we would all become best friends. You know, dinner parties, Coco's birthday picnics, exchanging recipes for spicy Thai dishes. Sigh. Now I guess I'm off to befriend Trey Anastasio...some hipsters may not approve, but works for me. Or perhaps these dudes need a 4th for golf. I'm sure J can make time.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Quote of the Week #10 (I hate moving)

I'm am frazzeled people. So I don't have time for this crap. And to top it off, I picked a freakin' LIVEJOURNAL user as the winner last week. What was I thinking?!Therefore I did not contact the winner from last week, and therefore, I do not have a word for this week.

So I'm making this shit up right this second.

I will pick a theme and see what comes up...and that is it. Good or bad, we'll see what turns up. And that theme is:


Time to do some searching etc, list making. God, I hate moving.

First, I hate moving and second, I hate moving.

UGGGHH!! I hate moving!!! I have a nice mountain growing.

I hate moving. I like to stay in one place and be settled and get everything the way I like. ... I hate moving! I feel like I've been screwed. If God really wanted me to be here why is he having me move again so soon.

I hate moving! Packing usually gives me a migraine, but fortunately this time I had a very we say DISTRACTION...mmm...Irishman...tasty...

I hate moving my stuff from one house to another, i hate i hate i hate

I hate, I mean beyond hate, loathe, despise, moving! Hate it! And I hate moving with someone that doesn't move like I like to move.

Purely for her ability to turn it around and be positive (and because everyone else is myspace or lj) I give you:


I hate moving. I'm covered in bruises and my muscles are sore (even my forearms which is a very odd feeling). However, we're starting to get settled and our place is really cute!

Honorable Mention

moving sucks. bigtime. ...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My stomach says hello...

God, I just INHALED a chicken parm sandwich from Spoleto's. Ugh...too much food.

Anyway, how is everyone out there? Good? Good. I'm good too.

Tomorrow is my last day of work. Though I agreed to come back a few days next week to help train my replacement. Always fun.

No, the paper clips don't go there, they go THERE.

Oh, what will they do without me?

I am stressed because the Casa La Nacho is not rented yet. I need to find someone to pay our mortgage soon. My stomach juices are beginning to eat away at the lining and soon I will be leaking acid out my intestines. Some girl is coming to look on Saturday, so let's hope it meets her approval. She has a dog AND a cat, and we said ok to that, so maybe she's desperate! A lot of landlords aren't cool about pets. But I am...but not because I'm desperate. No not me. Not at all. Cat pee?Love it. Oh the distinct smell of ammonia and animal waste! Hair matted into my new carpet? No, problem.

My stomach just let out one of those hiss gurgle noises.

Monday, April 03, 2006

My bedmate and protector

I couldn't get to sleep last night. Which is a huge change. Lately I've been going to bed at 8:30. But I managed to stay up for Sopranos and even Big Love and still wasn't sleepy. I tossed and turned until about 1:30. YAAAAaaawwwwn. I am beat.

Probably because last night was the first without J. Though Tdog was happy to take up the space. J took his pillows with him, which had Tdog a little perplexed. He kept doing that spin around in a circle thing up by where the pillows usually are, as if his repeated foot traffic would make them miraculously appear.

Also, on Saturday I watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Not a particularly great movie, but definitely has some creep factor. Not the movie to watch right before you are about to spend 2 weeks all by yourself. The wind slammed the screen door as I was walking up the stairs to bed and it scared the shit out of me! I slept with the door locked. Though if demons wanted to possess me, I don't think that would have helped.

I'm so glad I have Tdog. Though he's not really scary or protective, he's got a big dog bark. Not bite, just bark...and lots of butt wiggles.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The beginning of the end beginning!

I just got off the phone with J. He was calling from somewhere on the side of the road near White River Junction, VT. He got pulled over. He is patiently...well, ok, not so patiently awaiting the trooper to return to his window with a ticket. Not exactly a great way to start.

J starts his new job tomorrow. I'm still back here finishing up work (Friday is my last full day) and trying to tie up the many loose ends. It was sad to see J walk out the door...I won't see him for 2 weeks. So it's just me and Tdog.

There is so much to do! Not just all the packing and throwing out of useless accumulated crap, but contacting all the people/companies/debtors/magazine places to tell them where we will be if they want to still get money from us. Insurance, cellphones, banks! Life is so full of crap to keep track of. It's a wonder anyone ever moves at all.

The most important thing is finding someone to rent our house. Because we can't afford to pay for it AND rent a new plact in VT. Not that we've found a place to rent. That's kinda up there on the list too.

I'll let you know how it's going...since I'm all by my lonesome maybe I'll post more? I know I'll be watching a lot more cheesy movies. J usually turns his nose up at such things. Heaven something movie with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffallo here I come! Mark Rufalo? Mark Rafolo, Ruffulo? Sorry Mark, you're a cutie, but I don't know how to spell your name. And I don't have the patience to open another window and google it. Since I know someone who checks in here is a fellow Mark Rooooffalooooo admirer, perhaps I will be enlightened in the comments.