Thursday, April 06, 2006

My stomach says hello...

God, I just INHALED a chicken parm sandwich from Spoleto's. Ugh...too much food.

Anyway, how is everyone out there? Good? Good. I'm good too.

Tomorrow is my last day of work. Though I agreed to come back a few days next week to help train my replacement. Always fun.

No, the paper clips don't go there, they go THERE.

Oh, what will they do without me?

I am stressed because the Casa La Nacho is not rented yet. I need to find someone to pay our mortgage soon. My stomach juices are beginning to eat away at the lining and soon I will be leaking acid out my intestines. Some girl is coming to look on Saturday, so let's hope it meets her approval. She has a dog AND a cat, and we said ok to that, so maybe she's desperate! A lot of landlords aren't cool about pets. But I am...but not because I'm desperate. No not me. Not at all. Cat pee?Love it. Oh the distinct smell of ammonia and animal waste! Hair matted into my new carpet? No, problem.

My stomach just let out one of those hiss gurgle noises.


amy. said...

I'll be sending lots of happy renting, mortgage paying vibage your way. Is J still in hotel hell? I heard he was looking at some places, but I can't remember when.

KL said...

Thanks for the vibes. He's seen a few places. One, too expensive, other too small. I feel like goldilocks.

Weird my letter typey thing is jaymm...well, not that weird, but whatever.