Monday, April 03, 2006

My bedmate and protector

I couldn't get to sleep last night. Which is a huge change. Lately I've been going to bed at 8:30. But I managed to stay up for Sopranos and even Big Love and still wasn't sleepy. I tossed and turned until about 1:30. YAAAAaaawwwwn. I am beat.

Probably because last night was the first without J. Though Tdog was happy to take up the space. J took his pillows with him, which had Tdog a little perplexed. He kept doing that spin around in a circle thing up by where the pillows usually are, as if his repeated foot traffic would make them miraculously appear.

Also, on Saturday I watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose. Not a particularly great movie, but definitely has some creep factor. Not the movie to watch right before you are about to spend 2 weeks all by yourself. The wind slammed the screen door as I was walking up the stairs to bed and it scared the shit out of me! I slept with the door locked. Though if demons wanted to possess me, I don't think that would have helped.

I'm so glad I have Tdog. Though he's not really scary or protective, he's got a big dog bark. Not bite, just bark...and lots of butt wiggles.


amy. said...

I had a similar sleeping (or lack thereof) experience ast night, except my bedmate was a kickypants little toddler who thought it was hysterical to wait for me to fall asleep and then poke me in the eye. Nice. How is J doing up there? I don't even know where to email him now.

KL said...

He doesn't have a computer yet...apparently. This is the text message I just got from him:

"So bored. No computer no phone ditched @ my desk."

Poor kid.

Katy said...

What did you think of Sopranos this week? I'm just so glad to be away from that damned alter-Tony. Sunday's episode was loads better than the others so far.

nacho said...

Katy - I totally agree, though the alter-tony stuff stimulated my brain. I'm sure it paralleled some literary something or other...the hotel as some sort of pergatory...but I've been so far removed from school that my brain only sputters when I try to think like that.

It was good this week...poor garbage business rowing kid getting his knees all busted up but Paulie, psycho. Looks like Tony might be gettin all New Age on us? And of course, Treech getting shot in his OPP. Curious to see how that pans out.

Can't believe it's the last season. have you been getting into Big Love at all. I like it. Has potential.

amy. said...

I loooove Big Love and have no one to talk about it with. I didn't see Sundays yet, though.