Sunday, April 02, 2006

The beginning of the end beginning!

I just got off the phone with J. He was calling from somewhere on the side of the road near White River Junction, VT. He got pulled over. He is patiently...well, ok, not so patiently awaiting the trooper to return to his window with a ticket. Not exactly a great way to start.

J starts his new job tomorrow. I'm still back here finishing up work (Friday is my last full day) and trying to tie up the many loose ends. It was sad to see J walk out the door...I won't see him for 2 weeks. So it's just me and Tdog.

There is so much to do! Not just all the packing and throwing out of useless accumulated crap, but contacting all the people/companies/debtors/magazine places to tell them where we will be if they want to still get money from us. Insurance, cellphones, banks! Life is so full of crap to keep track of. It's a wonder anyone ever moves at all.

The most important thing is finding someone to rent our house. Because we can't afford to pay for it AND rent a new plact in VT. Not that we've found a place to rent. That's kinda up there on the list too.

I'll let you know how it's going...since I'm all by my lonesome maybe I'll post more? I know I'll be watching a lot more cheesy movies. J usually turns his nose up at such things. Heaven something movie with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffallo here I come! Mark Rufalo? Mark Rafolo, Ruffulo? Sorry Mark, you're a cutie, but I don't know how to spell your name. And I don't have the patience to open another window and google it. Since I know someone who checks in here is a fellow Mark Rooooffalooooo admirer, perhaps I will be enlightened in the comments.


amy. said...

Ruffalo, baby, Ruffalo. While Just Like Heaven is not his best work and the soundtrack made me want to rip my ears off, I'd still watch it for the Ruffalo. I'd rather watch 13 Going on 30, though. He dances to Thriller. And it sucks slightly less. Ever so slightly.

KL said...

Thanks! Not that I'll remember. Oh, and thanks for not mentioning my error in the title. One would think I would notice a mistake in the title.

I got some cute pics of the kid. Can I post some here? Don't know what the web ettiquette (ok, that's totally not spelled right either) is about other peoples children.

amy. said...

Post away. Yup, you always have to ask. Some people are really freaked out about their kids pictures being online. I feel the need to share the cuteness that oozes from his every pore ;)

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

Guilty as charged. I totally watched both aforementioned movies and, ahem, kinda liked them. Both. arrrgh!