Thursday, November 29, 2007

nap post

why is it that, when I decide to nap, Sam only sleeps for 20 minutes. But when I have boring crap to do, like move the carseat back to my car, steam carrots, and laundry...he sleeps for an hour and a half?! ***grumble, grumble....yawn***

Well, at least I have some time to sit down and think about Christmas presents. As usual, I'm at a lost for most of the people on my list. I'm in a bit of a crunch because we are headed down to J's folks next weekend to celebrate early. Luckily, J usually takes the reigns and buys for his family. J's sis, Amy, has taken a pledge to only give Handmade presents and requests that others do the same for her. Super cool idea, but then there is so much "taste" involved...what if what I think is cool, she thinks is hideous. Well, I guess that's the gamble you take. I think I may do the same next year! It sure makes shopping more fun. Etsy hasn't seen so much of me since I was looking for felted baby blocks. Which there weren't hey! don't steal my idea. I'm going to sew them out of old sweaters. Um,well, maybe after I finish screen printing my tshirt ideas and tweaking my children's book plots.

So, basically, never.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's all a blur

I've gotten some nice comments on the pictures I take of Sam. While I appreciate the compliments, I must admit that it's not too hard to end up with a few nice ones when you take as many pictures as I do. Whenever he's being especially cute or the light is nice, I whip out the camera and click away. The continuous photo shoot taking place in my family room is not only out of motherly adoration, but neccessity. If it weren't for volume, I wonder if I would ever get a clear photo...especially at the age he is now. Getting a focused picture of this kid is no easy task and seems to be getting harder. He does not enjoy being still. The vast majority of our pictures look something like this.

Actually, if you look closely at the "keepers" you'll see there is always a reason Sam is still, or at least not jetting across the room like usual.

Stuck behind something...

Stuck in something...

Only Sam is more stationary on a swing...

And my favorite, pausing to scream.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


It's been a while (how many posts do I start with some version of that statement?) I've been busy prepping for the onslaught of Winter. Planting the garlic, unpacking the sweaters, raking leaves ect. I'm behind on all these tasks because of my visit down to DC. But, man, it was worth it. Not only did Sam get to hang out with his biggest fan, but I got to see my ladies (and the new little lady too!). Something that doesn't happen often enough...and no one was pregnant! So the wine was flowin and we rocked it old between diaper changes.

Miss you guys...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A little whining...

Things have been a little crazy in these parts. Let's see if I can pry my eyes open and turn my brain on long enough to get a decent post out before Sam wakes up from nap #2. I've probably started 5 blog posts in the last week or so, only to have it cut short by a darling 10 month old. Or, more likely, I've been too busy trying to keep the house from turning into a disaster...unsuccessfully, i might add. Then there is the furniture stripping project I started. Oh, and loading compost into the new vegetable beds. All while I'm trying to get ready to fly down to DC on Saturday...whew!

Now, I find myself waiting for Jet Blue to get their shit together.

I've called 3 times, and each time I get a recording telling me to "call back at a later time" because THEY are too busy. Whatever. And even worse? They end with "this call ends now." What? You mean I can't even sit on hold for an hour if I choose to? Come on.

Why am I calling Jet Blue? Well, J and I had this trip planned to go to DC and then down to Blacksburg for the Florida State game next weekend. Unfortunately, our baby sitter broke her leg. (Hi Mom! oh, that's right, she doesn't read this). Anyway, so now Sam and I are going down solo and I'm trying to cancel J's reservation and move mine so he doesn't have to be away from his son for 10 days. AND, quite honestly, so I don't have to wait on my mom hand and foot for 10 days.

Oh, it's all such a bummer. It was all planned out. It was going to be my first night away from the Ding Dong...perhaps a full nights sleep? And drinking and tailgating and

And to those of you who say..."Just bring Sam with you." Let me tell you, for those of you not familar with Hokie Football, Lane Stadium is no place for a 11 month old. And it's not just the drunk frat boys and cannons. I think it's safe to say that if Sam didn't already shit in his pants, this would do the trick...

Enter Sandman...always brings a tear to my eye. sniff.

Sam, the Circus Strong Man!

Drawing on a 10 month olds face? Um, not so easy. And I was afraid it might be hard to get him to carry his dumbell, but he ended up loving it.

He loved it so much, he tried to eat it.

So mama took it away. This did not go over very well.

Even strong men have feelings.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!