Saturday, November 17, 2007


It's been a while (how many posts do I start with some version of that statement?) I've been busy prepping for the onslaught of Winter. Planting the garlic, unpacking the sweaters, raking leaves ect. I'm behind on all these tasks because of my visit down to DC. But, man, it was worth it. Not only did Sam get to hang out with his biggest fan, but I got to see my ladies (and the new little lady too!). Something that doesn't happen often enough...and no one was pregnant! So the wine was flowin and we rocked it old between diaper changes.

Miss you guys...


Mrs. T said...

SIGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH Man, I miss you guys. It all just seemed too natural, like it was never suppose to end.

mrs. t said...

The first pic with you and Sexy is kinda like an Eye Spy game:

3 bottles of wine
2 wine openers
2 corks
1 binkie
1 teething ring
1 bottle of children's tylenol?

2 kick ass friends

kl said...

don't forget the giant cock...


Martin Cooper said...

You have hit the mark. Thought good, I support.