Monday, February 26, 2007

My first mommy melt down

Things are absolutely crazy around here. The list of shit I need to do grows longer by the day. I had a little episode this morning after FINALLY getting to the Post Office only to find a letter from the IRS saying we owe them money from 2004. We paid our taxes, but apparently I didn't carry the one or something. Good reason why I need to find someone to do our taxes for this year. And Jay's car needs $800 worth of repairs...oh, and we're buying a house which requires us to empty our bank account, not to mention run around crazy to compile and copy and fax a shitload of personal financial information. Oh! and our tenant in the house in Northampton is not renewing her lease, so we have to find someone else to rent it...from Burlington. And my house still sounds like it's going to explode everytime the furnace fires. AAAAaaaargh.

I can't stand being stuck inside all day. I need warm weather just so I can get away from the disaster that is our house. Every available surface has folded baby clothes, um, unfolded mommy clothes, dog hair, dirty dishes, bags of trash waiting to be taken out, piles of mail, half written thank you cards, scarves, coats, boots on it.

Sam is on nap strike so I can't get to any of it. And honestly, if he did take a nap, I think I would curl up on the couch and sleep until spring.

On a positive note, Sam is finally sleeping in 4 hour stretches at night...sometimes. Still not long enough to fix my short term memory issues, but we're headed in the right direction.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I should just rename this blog "Pictures of Sam"

Quick hello to let you know that we are alive, though buried under nearly 3 feet of snow. I would provide a picture, but it's too cold outside. Maybe later I'll venture out when Sam takes a nap.

So, no pictures of the blizzard, but of course I have pictures of Sam...the most photographed baby on the planet. Sean Preston look out!

Big news is Sam is starting to raise his head, and keeping it up for a good 5 seconds. Oh, the things I am impressed by. Every day he takes another little baby step out of floppy blob stage into master of flailing appendages.

I am waiting for the plumbers to come by. I don't know if I mentioned it, but when my mom came to visit a while back we actually lost heat. They replaced some sort of circulation thingy and it was all fixed. Only now when the furnace/boiler fires up it goes BOOM! and shakes the whole house. Kinda scary. But plumber man is coming to save the day, and make the dog bark and wake Sam from his nap.

Sam is not too pleased sitting here with me in the sling...Move woman! Move! I do not sit, I am a man of motion! So here are a few of my favorite pics of recent before I go and walk, around the house, in

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You BAD Mama!

This morning I had to hold down my little boys arms while they poked him with needles. The worst part was that he was all smiles and coos, then OOOOWWWWwwww. Sam cried. I cried. No fun at all.

I won't get into the whole vaccine thing, but it was difficult. The shots he got had no themerisol involved, which was my primary concern. But of course, side effects are possible, and there's a whole bunch of scary theories out there. Makes me worry. It's hard to know whether you make the right decisions. I'm not sure I informed myself as much as I could have, so in the end, I deferred to the doctor...who I trust. And after all, you never know when he might decide to take a romp in Amish country. But everyone has their own bias and perspective and I feel I should explore my own a little more. There will be more opportunities for that in the future...unfortunately.

Um, an upside? Well, Sam got his first taste of really sweet. The childrens Tylenol (his legs are really sore) is cherry flavored. I tasted it first. Yum. He seemed to enjoy it too.

Today Sam is 2 months old! At the doctor he weighed 14 lbs 1.5oz and is 24.5 inches long. He's a big boy. 90th percentile. Whoa. How did that happen? Virginia Tech offensive line here we come! Right. As if. I cry when the doctor gives the kid a shot, like I'm going to encourage him to be knocked about the head by large, aggressive boys. So instead of being on the team, perhaps he'll be the guy carrying the keg to the tailgate..though I'm not sure that's a good idea either.

Sunday we had the reunion of our birthing class, which was great. Cool to see all the little ones. Crazy to think we've all been in the same room before, just the babes were on the inside instead of the outside. We hope to do it again. It's good to keep in touch with other mamas, and the dads too. Sam was, of course, huge compared to the rest. I should get one of those T shirts that say "My baby can kick your baby's ass"...just for laughs of course! Sam is a gentle giant.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Our new box

Last night was the Super Bowl. We "watched" it. Meaning we stood in the kitchen cooking pizza and wings over a glass of wine while it was playing in the other room. What we saw of it was a good game. Too bad Chicago's quarterback Glennon, oops, I mean Grossman couldn't throw to his own players. In the end, I didn't really care who won. Whenever it got boring or there was a stoppage, we switched over to the Puppy Bowl on animal planet. Man, that's entertainment. I did enjoy Prince, though his medley of songs was kinda a head scratcher...was there some underlying theme I didn't put together? Let's Go Crazy, Proud Mary, All Along the Watchtower...and a few other mixed in. But I'm pretty sure he ended with Foo Fighters. Foo Fighters? Someone enlighten me please.

We have some news! Other than Sam entering his "grumpy" phase that is. We're buying a house! It's an ugly little thing, but in a great neighborhood. It should turn out to be a good investment. It's going to be hard moving from this big old victorian into a 900 square foot box, but it will be ourbox. Our ugly box...see:

but the plan is to make it look like this!

Should only take us a few years. :-)

Crap. Well I had planned to do a longer post, but Sam has awoken and is beckoning his servant. So here's some pics of the DingDong...8 weeks old! Wow, time is flying.