Friday, February 16, 2007

I should just rename this blog "Pictures of Sam"

Quick hello to let you know that we are alive, though buried under nearly 3 feet of snow. I would provide a picture, but it's too cold outside. Maybe later I'll venture out when Sam takes a nap.

So, no pictures of the blizzard, but of course I have pictures of Sam...the most photographed baby on the planet. Sean Preston look out!

Big news is Sam is starting to raise his head, and keeping it up for a good 5 seconds. Oh, the things I am impressed by. Every day he takes another little baby step out of floppy blob stage into master of flailing appendages.

I am waiting for the plumbers to come by. I don't know if I mentioned it, but when my mom came to visit a while back we actually lost heat. They replaced some sort of circulation thingy and it was all fixed. Only now when the furnace/boiler fires up it goes BOOM! and shakes the whole house. Kinda scary. But plumber man is coming to save the day, and make the dog bark and wake Sam from his nap.

Sam is not too pleased sitting here with me in the sling...Move woman! Move! I do not sit, I am a man of motion! So here are a few of my favorite pics of recent before I go and walk, around the house, in


amy. said...

I can't get enough pictures of Sam ;) Keep 'em coming. Kyle just ordered a Nikon d50, so maybe I'll eventually post another picture of Henry, too...

Mrs. T said...

The first pic in color looks like Sam is doing the cabbage patch! There are cute kids and then there are the ones that are absolutely adorable - congratulations!