Sunday, December 16, 2007

we're ready to roll...

Snow is clogging up the driveway, dirty diapers are clogging up the trash and Guitar Hero is clogging up my eardrums. The only thing that isn't backed up is Sam. On the contrary...

We arrived back from our Early Christmas with J's folks with a not so happy little man. Not only did he get a nose full of snot for xmas, but something is going on with his more sensitive orifice. I'm pretty sure it's teething drool related, but if it doesn't solidify soon, we'll have to call the doc on Monday. Poor kid. He's obviously uncomfortable with his mouth, and you add a pretty bad diaper rash as a result of CONSTANT pooping, well, you get the picture. And just as we were contemplating the return to cloth diapers! Um, I don't think I have a supply to handle this situation. Maybe once these molars arrive we can think on it again.

Ok, enough talk of poop! The recent discomfort in now way spoiled our trip to Connecticut. We all had a wonderful visit with Pepere, Memere, J's sis Amy and her son Henry. It was crazy to see our nephew all grown up and big. Sam was of course fascinated by his cousin. And Henry was so patient and gentle with him. I hope they get a chance to hang out more often in the future. We'll just have to plan a trip down to Asheville... Blue Ridge Mountains? Temperate climate? BBQ Ribs? Bluegrass music? Um, can we leave tomorrow?

We are gathering things for our departure to Florida this Thursday. We'll be spending Christmas down there at my folks new place. It should be a nice break from these chilly temperatures. Not sure if I'll get to update from down there.

In the meantime, here are some nice pics from the one-year Birthday/xmas celebrations...

Sam and his Pepere opening a birthday present

which ended up being this beautiful wooden train.

Sam was delighted. Perfect for transporting precious cargo.

It so nice whenever we get to hang with Amy. Henry and I both wish she would be our best friend...(seriously, Henry asked his mother to be his best friend. Sweetest.Thing.Ever)

We scored some Auntie and Uncle brownie points with Henry by getting him "Elefun." Not that he probably remembers who it was from. Since the main point of the game involves an elephant shooting small chokables 4 feet into the air, he had to wait for Sam to sleep before the Elefun could be had.

But Henry was cool and didn't hold it against him...Waddup cuz?

Some people may expect to see Sam covered in cake, as tradition dictates. However, I thought better of it. It's just a photo op really...kinda like Santa Claus. He won't miss it. So no cake. But bring on the spaghetti!

Other highlights? Well, check out Sam in his new Hokie jersey.

And Memere helping him open a new book...

Thanks Memere...

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Ding Dong!

When did you go from this...

Crazy. What a great year it's been watching you go from an adorable blob to an adorable madman on the loose! Looking forward to the coming year and getting to know you even better. How lucky we are.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Maybe if I read it, I wouldn't be so snarky...

Man, I guess I was in a bad mood yesterday. It just irks me that they talk and talk about a book I was kinda looking forward to reading. Now I know what the whole story is, which makes reading the book that less interesting. And I see all these women who are like, "it changed my life", and it comes across as so...I don't know, like they are some sort of desperate and impressionable women? I'm sure that's not true, but I would feel like just another stay-at-home Oprah drone if I was seen reading this book on the plane in a few weeks.

Oh god, that is just horrible. I shouldn't be so vain. Really, who cares. Bleh.

I've noticed I've had a real hard time forming my thoughts. I used to be better and getting across my point of view, but lately, it isn't so easy. I can only imagine it's from lack of sleep. And the fact that any writing I do is in a very short window while Sam is asleep and I feel ok about neglecting housework, doesn't lend itself to deep introspection and self analysis.

ah, and he's awake. Later.

here's a Ding Dong fix....

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My bathroom floor moment...

I was planning on reading this book, on the recommendation of many people I respect. However, after todays Oprah Eat Pray Love-athon, a "follow up" on the already overly enthusiastic first episode about Eating Praying and Loving, I am not.

Just because. Because I don't like being told what to do. And Oprah is always telling me what to do. And now all these people are like, "I read it BEFORE she was on Oprah." Wow. That makes you...someone with more free time than I do.

And, by the way, I like things less once they become popular. Yes, I said it. I am a snob like that. I try not to be, but I can't help it. I suspect you are too, but won't admit it.

Ok, maybe not when it comes to Justin Timberlake. But it's so not cool to like JT, it's actually cool.

Monday, December 03, 2007

We're #1!

Sunday we had a group birthday party for all the babes we hang out with. Everyone was born the same week of December, except little Sophie who was born in January. What a cute gang.

Babies got to attack hostess Tess's stash of toys while moms sipped wine and dads talked video games. It was fun, though I always have trouble relaxing with Sam in a new environment. He's pretty grabby. He likes pushing furniture and pulling down things from above. I was a little scattered and left my own items in babes reach while I rushed to keep Sam from doing something like ripping down the curtains. After disaster is averted, I would forget about my camera, or glass of wine I left on the table. At home, as long as Sam is watched I can have something out. But here, there were 5 little grabbers eyeing that glass of wine. Luckily, there were enough mama eyes out so no major messes or injuries.

Kudos to Kelly who hosted the affair. Quite the undertaking on the day before a snowstorm...not to mention she was getting ready to fly out of town that evening! You can always tell when I have a good time, there is usually a sad deficiancy of photos. I wish I had taken more...but here are a few.