Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Maybe if I read it, I wouldn't be so snarky...

Man, I guess I was in a bad mood yesterday. It just irks me that they talk and talk about a book I was kinda looking forward to reading. Now I know what the whole story is, which makes reading the book that less interesting. And I see all these women who are like, "it changed my life", and it comes across as so...I don't know, like they are some sort of desperate and impressionable women? I'm sure that's not true, but I would feel like just another stay-at-home Oprah drone if I was seen reading this book on the plane in a few weeks.

Oh god, that is just horrible. I shouldn't be so vain. Really, who cares. Bleh.

I've noticed I've had a real hard time forming my thoughts. I used to be better and getting across my point of view, but lately, it isn't so easy. I can only imagine it's from lack of sleep. And the fact that any writing I do is in a very short window while Sam is asleep and I feel ok about neglecting housework, doesn't lend itself to deep introspection and self analysis.

ah, and he's awake. Later.

here's a Ding Dong fix....

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AVA said...

Hi Buddy! HAPPPPPPPPY Birthday! Wow, what's it like being ONE??!! Man, I can't wait until we see each other again - you are ROCK'IN! Happy Birthday my lil buddy!