Thursday, June 28, 2007's been a while.

Still getting into the swing of things at the new pad. And there has been some drama at our old house that we rent out, which has been causing us an unpleasant feeling...and making me send certified letters and consult with a lawyer. FUN! I'll get into it all later, but for now, here is a ridiculous amount of Ding Dong pictures. He's now half a year old, crazy! He has four teeth!! So far he is being kind to the boob, but we're all a little on edge. He went to the doctor and they confirmed that he is huge. Actually without even asking, the doc said "Oh, and don't worry about the chubbiness, he'll lean out eventually." Well, I wasn't worried...until now. In fact, I didn't even think he was that chubby. I mean, I know he's no skinny minny, but he's got definable parts. 97th percentile! In weight, length and head size. At least he's consistant. No wonder I'm beginning to see some definition in my upper arms. Cutest dumbell ever!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Confession...I am 12

We have two books on rotation before bedtime. Whether Sam gets any of it is doubtful, but he'll sit in my lap and bat at the pictures while I read. One is Green Eggs and Ham, which is usually a little long for his wee attention span. By the time Sam I Am gets the grumpy, um, hairy thing, to try them, My Sam is all figety and arching his back.

The other book is The Runaway Bunny. It's a sweet tale about a little bunny who tells his mother that he's going to run away and then she says how she'll run after him. Then he says he'll be a flower, so she says she'll be a gardner. So then he says if she's a gardner he'll be a fish, so she says she'll be a fisherman... and on and on. You get the picture.

At one point he says he'll be a sailboat, and she says she be the wind and blow him where she wants him to go.

Then the little bunny says."If you become the wind and blow me"...

...and everytime I stifle a giggle.

Because nothing is funnier than the implication of bunny incest.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I slept, therefore I longer bitchy.

Things are a little better over here. Boy, that was a rough night, and therefore, following day as well. The teething is still happening, but it seems that the little buggers are worn out from the effort and only causing Sam mild discomfort for now. I'm sure it's just a lull in the action until they break through, but just having a lull is reassuring.

So we've moved! I mentioned that before, but haven't been in much mood to get into the details. I've been blogging from my old lap top because we still have yet to set up the "office" with the computer and such. This is also the reason why deluge of Sam photos has seemingly dried up. I have a few good ones in the camera, but can't get them off until the Mac is all plugged in and hummin' along. My mother is beside herself. Not only do I provide regular photo arrays of her only grandchild, but once a week we do a teleconference over iChat. That hasn't happened for two weekends in a row. Grandma ain't happy.

So the new place is awesome. I absolutely love it! It's a little small, but that means less to keep clean. When we first moved in I basked in the glow that is "no dog hair", but that has been dulled by the big brown monster, currently in full molt. Sam is getting use out of his nursery, something I can't say of the old place. It was upstairs! I couldn't be expected to go upstairs! But now, it's 10 feet from...well, pretty much anywhere in the house. Vurtues of a little box.

The best part of the place is the yard. We have a yard! With nice grass that hasn't been burned by dog pee! I'm not sure how we're going to keep that from happening, but in the meantime, it's really green and fresh. Sam and I spent and hour out there on a blanket this afternoon. Bliss.

Pictures to follow...eventually.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Too tired to appreciate the irony

I am really annoyed by the way this blog looks. If only I had time to fiddle with it. But, this is very low on my list of priorities at the moment.

Number 1? Sleep. It's has not been cards lately. After a week of comfortably sleeping in his crib, Sam has gone on strike. He'll sleep the first 2 to 3 hours there, but once he wakes up, it's the last place he's willing to go. I'll nurse him, he'll be on the verge of sleep, but the moment I lower him towards the mattress, he arches his back and begins to wail. If, by chance, he does go to sleep, it lasts about 20 minutes. And he cries until I lift him out. He'll fall asleep on my shoulder, but I can't put him back down in the crib, or it all starts again. We must of gone through this 20 times last night. At around 4:30 the birds started chirping, so he came to bed with me. I figure I got about 3-4 hours.

Pretty sure it's due to his teeth. At least I hope that's what it is. If not, I better figure it out soon. It's been a month since the bottom ones came in, so we're even a little behind schedule for the upper ones. And these top suckers are really doing a number on us. After last nights freak out, I was sure we would wake up this morning to little slits or some sign that they were on their way...but no. Nothing. Nothing but drooling, crying, finger sucking, lip smacking, and now a refusal to take a nap. Pretty much every sign except any evidence of actual teeth.

What's the worst is that the few mom's I know didn't have this trouble with teething. I know every baby is different, but not having someone reassuringly commiserate with "Oh yeah, teething was the WORST. Thank god that's over." is rough. Instead it seems like no one sympathizes. It's all "Oh, we thought she had a cold! Isn't that funny?! One day she had a runny nose, the next she had teeth!" Yeah, hilarious. No what I want to hear. I don't care if it's true. Note to Moms out there: When a new Mom comes to you complaining about something, needing reassurance that what is happening is normal, give her a horror story, not how you were "lucky" and "didn't have to go through that." Even if you baby never cried, slept though the night since emerging from the womb, and giggled as his teeth came in...I'm in no mood to hear how perfect your sleep cycles are. I'm tired and bitchy, and misery loves...excuse me needs some company.

God I need a nap. Not happening. Baby is too tired to take a nap.