Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Uh oh.

I think I’m getting sick. Unfortunately this is timed with the visit of my super-cool sister-in-law and my ADORABLE nephew. He is only 2 and I am sure my soar throat and low grade fever will not be allowed within 500 feet of the cutie. I took (2) Airborn and am drinking orange juice hoping it will squash, but I am afraid the ball is already rolling and I just have to let it run it’s course.

I also wanted to put out there that the new season of Oprah is greatly disappointing so far. I love me some Oprah, but this celebrity parade she’s been doing all week is really BORING. Where is Nate? Where are my housewives who had brilliant, million dollar ideas, sold it and get to do nothing all day? Where’s the inspiration? Who gives a crap about Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow. I mean, good for them, I guess – but I want my old Oprah. Interesting, sometimes tear inducing and thought provoking. I can watch ET to find out that Brook Sheilds wants to have another baby. And I don’t care if Winnona Judd doesn’t get along with her mom.

Oprah, stop telling me the insignificant problems of rich famous people. You are alienating me.

But if you read this Oprah, I still want to meet for margaritas sometime.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Comcast....please get your shit straight. I'll show you what's "not available in my area"!

It turns out that $20 did not save my weekend. What saved it was calling every bar in a 40 mile radius and asking them if they have Direct TV and get ESPN Gamplan. The answer to this question was a consistent No and I feared my heart was going to break. Then, at last, JTs in Springfield saved the day. Granted, we had to drive a ½ hour. And also pay for drink and munchies when we already had copious amounts of both at home. But the Hokies played spectacularly and I glowed in the light of their invincibility.

We were the only Hokies in the bar, holed up in a corner blasting our designated TV. The rest of the bar was listening to the Yankees game, well – at least for a while. Until the Springfield College rugby team came in and started singing. I guess you could call it singing. Kinda a cross between those chants Marines do when they run and patty-cake songs I sang when I was little. And it went on FOREVER. Pretty much from the beginning of the 3rd quarter on we listened to young men do an answer-and-call about hookers and snatches and beer. Got to get to the big city more often…such culture to behold.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Friggin' Irish!

I sent the below email to ABC Sports programming today. My weekend was almost ruined, but thanks to ESPN Gameplan, it was slavaged by $20.

Dear ABC,

I would like to comment on the college football programming scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, September 24. Looking at your coverage map, I see that nearly 80% of the country is getting the Notre Dame vs. Washington game instead of the Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech game...and unfortunately, as the odds would have it, I live in that 80% of the country.

Your decision to show a team that is 2-1 (lost to an unranked team) against a team that is 1-2 (not even ranked) seems ridiculous. Not only is Virginia Tech a top ten team, but both Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech are undefeated. The tech game will have far greater effect on the landscape of the top 25 than the Notre Dame game, which really doesn't mean much to anyone but Notre Dame and Washington.

I know that Notre Dame is often viewed as some type of mythic, archetypical football team. But honestly, since they aren't even in a conference, their performance has little actual importance and, what should concern you most, smaller viewership. There are rabid and loyal fans of the rest of the top 25 who will undoubtedly wonder why they can't watch the game that actually effects them.

And now that Game Day is being broadcast from Blacksburg, Herbie and Corso will be chatting up a game that the majority of your viewers won’t even have the option of seeing. Perhaps this is a test to see if College Football will fly as a pay-per-view event. Put the unimportant, boring games on TV and hype the real games and the masses have to cough it up…$20 a pop.

We, as college football fans, depend on broadcasters to provide us with insight, commentary and most important, - coverage. We are at the mercy of your judgement. Please use some.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What's going on in there? Nothing (I think)

Well, my blogging has not been what it used to be. Sorry to anyone who checks in now and then. I know I hate it when the bloggers I read suddenly disappear. Therefore, I will attempt to do an entry at least every two days. It’s a lofty goal, I know. But here’s to trying!!

So, I don’t think I’m pregnant. Actually, I’m 95% sure I’m not. Though I peed on a stick to find out when we should have sex, apparently the sex did not do the trick…make me pregnant, that is. Though J will be thrilled for another 4 day compulsory marathon in October, I am disappointed. I am just now beginning to take this whole ‘getting pregnant’ thing seriously. We talk about enough that I just want done…so we can move to the next step. I suppose that would be the getting fat, no booze, hormone saturated phase. Also, somebody posted on craigslist that they want to start a mommy group and I soooo want to join. But I suppose I should be a mommy first.

Technically, I won’t get my period until Friday. But I have zits, am irritable, crave Chinese Food and my boobs hurt. These are my normal pre-menstrual symptoms…and I’m beginning to cramp a little. It is definitely imminent.

But who knows. There is still the 5% of me that thinks it’s possible. Hence the one glass of wine rule I have implemented. It’s torture.

Friday, September 16, 2005

So I'm over the bitchyness of my previous post. Love the boy...truely (truly?) do. Enough of that.

So, he is down in the burg. I am very jealous. Wish I was there. It is honestly one of the most perfect places on the planet. The people their make my heart, feeling a little sentimental I guess.

This is my first atttempt at stream - of - conciousness blog. And I ain't using no spell check!! No way...from finger tapping to your eyes. Oh yeah!

Lonely a little I guess. House is emptly. T, the dog, is here, but he's chillin, no activity. Thinking of getting a movie on On Demand. "the upside of anger" Kinda a chick flick so a good choice of solo night viewing.

Hmmm. wish I was feeling a little more articulate and witty...not so much.

So internet. tell me hi.. tell me anything. YOU GUYS ROCK.

Cheers ( I am raising my glass of Blackstone Merlot to you!!!)


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Little Mr. Can't Be Wrong

Friday night we went to see a band with some friends. We purchased the tickets in advance. J leads the charge down the isle to find our assigned seats. He has his ticket which says H4. He finds the H row and looks at the seat numbers. They are listed 101, 102, 103 ect. He sits in 104 and glances up at me expecting me to sit next to him.

“Honey, I’m not sure these are right. That’s 104 not 4. And mine says H2.”

“I’m sure 104 and 4 are the same thing.” He answers with a slight annoyance in his voice.

“I think we should check the other sides of the isles. I’m sure they wouldn’t put the wrong number on the tickets,” I respond with a slight wince…I’m ready for it.

Luckily, I'm saved.

“Hey” says M our friend ”this is H1 over here.”

“Oh” J says, “Gotcha.” He stands up and smiles at me, giving me a knowing look. Kind of an ‘I’m sorry’, but not really. More of an acknowledgment of “I know I didn’t listen. So you were right. Good for you. Don’t let it go to your head.”

What bothers me is not that he doesn’t believe me when I tell him he may be wrong. It’s just how testy he gets. He is allowed to believe whatever he wants. But over time it has become more and more of a deal to disagree with him. He doesn’t listen to why I disagree. He doesn’t consider what I am saying. He immediately takes defensive action to not be proven wrong.

It’s become very disturbing. The tiniest things can set this off in him. I don’t know how many times I preface statements with

“I’m not sure, but”


“I could be wrong, but”


“I may be a moron for thinking so, but it occurs to me that there is a possibility that”

just so he doesn’t rev up into defense mode. He just NEEDS to be right so much - it’s kinda scary.

What’s the scariest is that this personality trait is one that I have always noticed in his father.

Yep, I guess it true. We are all destined to become our parents. I know I can lay a mean guilt trip when I want to, a talent I learned from the Master, my mother. However, I am aware of this fact and attempt to squash it when I see it.

I made the mistake of telling this to J. So he’s started policing me as well. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that just because I’m trying not to lay guilt trips doesn’t mean that sometimes, you shouldn’t feel guilty. Every time he does something that disappoints me he will accuse me of laying a guilt trip. He honey, when I tell you that you hurt my feelings, and you feel guilty, that’s not a guilt trip. You SHOULD feel guilty, ok?

Now, when M gets tickets for a VA Tech game, and you get to go see the Hokies play down in Blacksburg, the most perfect place on the planet, and there’s only two tickets, and I say “Oh, it’s ok, I can just watch it on TV…oh, that’s right, it’s not on TV up here. Just get me T shirt, ok? It will be nice to be alone for the weekend during our house renovations. I can paint while you drink beer and do keg stands and hang out with my favorite people in my favorite bars. Someone’s got to stay at home with the dog, so I shouldn’t go anyway.” Now that’s a guilt trip.

Would make my mother proud.

PS...I have a wicked mix of Nicotine withdrawl and PMS going on. Therefore, these little personality quirks of Js are especially annoying, and I am especially bitchy.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I feel like I need to post something just so I don't lose all possible momementum and allow this blog to become a non-entity.

I haven't felt much like posting. This gulf coast stuff is wearing on my heart. I was going to post more because the boss is in a meeting and I have a little quiet time here at work. However, they all just came out the conference room. Wow, that was a short meeting. So...back to work.

Hope everyone is well. I'll post more this weekend.


Friday, September 02, 2005