Friday, June 30, 2006

Tubbs' Ticker Trouble

I just got back from dropping Tubbs off at the vet. He is having a chest xray and EKG today. Ugh. Hopefully this will illuminate what is causing his breathing issues. He can breath, he just pants all the time and has a kinda nasty cough. And with me being on the internet all day I have discovered that this, coupled with some other syptoms he is exhibiting (can't get comfortable lying down, pacing ect) are signs of congestive heart failure. Yesterday they listened to his heart and said he had a murmur AND an arithmia. Poor kid.

Ok, they just called. They finished the tests. The xray shows that one of his chambers is a little enlarged, nothing too big to worry about (at least that's what she said). The EKG results won't be in until Monday. Depending on what that shows, he may have to have an ultrasound. Which is very expensive. Not that I care, but you know, unemployment blah, blah, blah.

I go to pick him up at 3 and I get to go over it all with the vet then. I just want to know what can be done to make him more comfortable. Last night he just paced around the bed. I know that most heart conditions are not curable, but are treatable. He's an old guy. I just want him dumb and happy like always. He doesn't need to be running marathons.

All this makes me sad. I would hate for the new baby to never know him. He's my first baby boy...I really don't know how I would handle losing him. Ok, now I'm overracting. He's doing ok. He's not on deaths door or anything, but it's really made me think about how he won't be around forever...or even that much longer. I can't imagine a life with out Tubbs around. Hopefully we won't have to worry about that for some years still.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pallets of Super Fudge Chunk are breathing a sigh of relief

Yesterday morning I was awoken at 8:30 by the ring of my cellphone. I was sleeping in because yesterday was the day of my job interview. Well, it was them. "We wanted to call and let you know that we have filled this position, so we don't need to interview you today." Bah! Oh well. At least I could stop stressing about how they were going to react to the news that I am pregnant. But it also means that I was dismissed solely on my merit...or lack of merit...or unimpressive amount of merit compared to whoever got hired. Boo.

Then I called the temp agency to follow up on the job they had for me. She was going to call the company to see if I can start a week later, since they wanted me to start the week I will be visiting mom. Well, the answer is no. Double Boo. Part of me wants to blame that one on being pregnant After all, it's just a temp job, what would they care? Oh, they would care. If you were them, would you let a pregnant woman have unfettered access to your product...and I was sooooo close.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hi...I can't think of a title for this post.

Pretty much right after I published my post yesterday, I got a call from both The Cable Dude and the temp agency. Cable dude was on his way over and temp agency had a job for me, sorta.

The job is working for a pretty big company around here. It will last for about a month. Only catch is that they want me to start the week I'm going down to DC. The temp agency knew about this trip, but I guess they weren't looking at their info. Anyway, they're going to check back with the company to see if I can start the week word yet. I hope it works out. I think I could do a really good job. And temping really will be the way to go. That way, if I get super uncomfortable or if something comes up medically, I won't feel guilty about missing work. But let's hope that won't even be a concern.

And the cable guy came and left. He was here for 2 hours! What did he do? I have no idea. But when he left he said "ok, you're all set" and that's good enough for me. Not good enough for J, however. He wanted to know all the happenings and tweekings of cable man, and sadly I could not produce. I do know that the sun theory proposed by the phone cable guy is somewhat ridiculous, at least by the look on the in-my-house cable guy's face when I relayed it him. All I know is that the internet did not go out yesterday, so seems like we're in business.

J and I are going to have lunch today! Orginally, I suggested it so I could finally see where he works, but that got the kibash right away. He doesn't want me to go there. "Significant others never stop by." Well, are they unemployed and pregnant and bored? I don't even want a tour, just a "this is where I work. And no, that 22 year old girl who sits next to me rarely sits on my lap, and the jello shots are kept in that fridge over there." You know, the quick tour.

J, do you still read this? I don't think you you? If you do, I love you. (Oh, and email the landlord about putting carpet on the stairs.) My blog is multi-functional...pout, adoration, nag.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Morning Meanderings

Sitting around, waiting for the cable man. I have the 10-12 window and they are supposed to call first. No call. And you know who else hasn't called this morning. The temp agency. Boo.

The cable man (or woman, sorry to be so presumptuous and sexist!) is coming to look at our internet connection. It often goes kaput. The modem starts doing a blinking thing and I'm cut off from the outside world until it decides to stop and work properly. Incidentally, this is usually around sun down. And it usually goes out around 3:30 in the afternoon. As a result the cable dude on the phone thinks it's related to the sun. Like the rays are kryptonite and our wires are Superman. Once the sun goes down, all previous super powers are restored. I'm not sure if they're going to be able to tell squat since it overcast and rainy right now.

Though I'm bummed the agency hasn't called, I must tell you, I have a job interview on Wednesday! I won't go into detail, since it is NEVER a good idea to blog about the workplace, but I will say I am very qualified for this position. I can't help but think this would be a slam dunk if I wasn't pregnant. Now, will that matter? Probably. Alot? Who's to know. I'm now 4.5 months, that means baby is coming in 4.5 months. Do they want to hire someone who will be going on a "leave" in 4 months? Probably not. But it's worth a shot. I've been trying to come up with the perfect verbage for the interview. My dad suggested waving all benefits and that they view the pre-birth time as a "trial period"...which sounds good to me, just not sure how to put that idea out there. I just want to work. And if it's something I think will be interesting and I'm good at, perfect! But I'm having a hard time being optimistic.

But in the meatime, I sit. I sit with Tubbs while he bites on his butt. There is a mosquito situation in the backyard (it's not really a yard, more of a patio) and he's all itchy. J put his medicine on him yesterday, but I think the damage is done. Hopefully it's keeping him from getting MORE bites, but the ones that are there are driving him crazy. And I hate that "chewing on my flesh"'s gets all wet sounding and his tags add a tamborine-like jangle accompaniment and then I yell. Oh, if I itch, I'm allowed to scratch, but not YOU. YOU must suffer with the itchyness. See, I'll be a good mom, I have the "do as I say, not as I do" thing down like a champ.

Tubbs has started his Old Man medicine. Joint relief supplements! Watching him sllooooooowwly go up the stairs and strain was making me sad. So I'm hoping these pills will put a little bounce in his step!. And we got him an orthropedic bed! Which cost $60 and he doesn't like. He still lies on the hard, but already there and free floor. We're hoping he'll warm up to it once it doesn't smell like pet store anymore.

I guess that is all. Oh, I made banana bread! My first ever and I must say it is very yummy. And I'm thinking of driving out to that yarn store, though I don't want to. It's in Essex Junction and that old lady who hit me was from Essex Junction. Maybe I'll just go to Michael's and see what they got. I need some Maroon and Orange. I'm making another white sweater with the left over yarn from the other, but don't have quite enough, so I'm going to supplement with Hokie - ness!

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, June 23, 2006

If I admit I'm idiot will you stroke my ego?

Well it seems that I'm pretty much a moron for not knowing that the purchase at the GAP would be put on that card. But in my defense, I have never gotten a store card before. Thinking back, I did realize it was a credit card, I just thought I would have a choice of when to use it. Live and learn.

I am wearing stretchy maternity pants and I LOVE them.

And I'm afraid I posted two posts so quick that no one saw the sweater I knitted. I need some positive reinforcement to keep me going. Go down there. Look. Say something nice. I'm unmotivated.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well that was a short trip...

The pixels are barely dry on my previous post and here I come with another whiney complaint. Though I'm not sure this one can really be considered whiney (does whiney have an 'e' in it?)'s legitimate. Hm, I don't think that's how you spell that word either, perhaps I should have gone slang and said "legit." But I would like to say that though previous post evidence is to the contrary, I can spell unemployment...see...I'll do it again. UNEMPLOYMENT. There, now give me a job.

But I digress...on to the bitching.

I haven't been to the PO Box in a week. I've been procrastinating, but this morning, I decided I'd better go. As I was preparing to leave, I remembered that I have a GAP gift card that my MIL gave me for my birthday. So even though I've been avoiding it, I figured it's finally time to do THE PANTS. You know, the stretchy kind? With the panel? Because my jeans, though they still fit in the thighs and butt (sorta) are beginning to cinch into my expanding mid-section. I am uncomfortable. And the downtown mall has a Baby Gap, with Maternity Gap in the back. Oh, World of shirts that don't rise over my belly button, here I come!

And there I went.

It went pretty well. A little too well, if you know what I mean.

I don't know if it's the little baby belt/fanny pack pillow thing they have in the dressing room to help you see what you'll look like in 3 months, or the fact that I wear a size 10 in maternity pants, though in regular pants I wear a 12 (that is probably it). But when it's all said and done I have a pair of jeans, 3 pairs of cacky-type pants (for that job I don't have), 2 shirts and 2 tanktops.

I realize that the gift card is not going to cover all this expense, but THEN I remember the AAA Visa gift card I got for xmas! That's $200!! So, I can buy all this crap (that I'll only wear for 4 months) without actually spending ANY money. Brilliant.

So I head to the register. I explain my bizarre methods of payment to the nice girl behind the counter. In total, I have $300...$100 from the Gap gift card and $200 from the Visa (God, now that I'm typing this, I am such a moron). She rings it up - $323. Crap. But the nice girl has a solution!

"If you sign up for a GAP card, you get $15% off."

Perfect! So I sign up for the card. She gets her supervisor to come over to perform the complicated procedure of inducting me into the world of GAP card ownership. Then, she puts a receipt infront of me, showing me where to sign. I sign. Then I hand her my gift cards.

"No, we charged it to your GAP card"

"It's a credit card?"

"Yes, you'll get a bill in a month"

WTF? Did I not just explain to you that I have no job, and I have these great gift cards so I can spend all this money I don't have, without ACTUALLY having to spend any money at all!!!

"Can I use my GAP gift card to pay my GAP credit card?"


Now, we proceed to try some complicated returns and credit things, but the computer is not being cooperative and after looking over my shoulder at the other pregnant, and somewhat cranky women behind me in line, I say fuck it. I'll pay the stupid bill.

So in the end, I should have just paid the extra $23. Instead, I owe the GAP $278. And I don't have a job.

But I still have my cards, which are worth $300. So, in the end, I'm up $22? Yes? Whatever.

On an up note, walking back home I saw a help wanted sign in a store front window. Where? ANN TAYLOR. I'm trying to convince myself that since I'm pregnant, I would not spend my paycheck on awesome clothes I wouldn't normally be able to afford. I would be immune to the seduction of the employee discount. And being a new mommy, an Ann Taylor wardrobe make no sense anyway, right? Or am I just kidding myself.

It would be like J working at a snowboard company...oh yeah, nevermind.

A venture into positivity

Ok, unemployement and yogurt disappointments aside, things are pretty good around here. The 'not working' has let me relax quite a bit and get some things done that otherwise might have caused me stress, or at least pushed life deeper into the hectic realm. Other than the small issue of "not bringing in any money" I must say I have felt no stress at all. Well, besides the "pushing a person out of my girly area" in 4 months thing. But not to dwell on the physical trauma, it will bring joy and cuteness and perhaps more of these:

My first baby sweater! Or my first item of clothing other than a hat or scarf for that matter. Do you like the little bear? His name is Rufus the Mangnificent. How about his manly grey chest patch...that is my amateur attempt to cover the seam. Without it, it looked like Rufus had just had open heart surgery.

So, you may be thinking, that is one nice looking sweater. Ok! I'll sell you that sweater for...$200!

That is approximately how much I would have to sell it for if I wanted to make minimum wage in the effort. Unlike my knitting whiz sister-in-lawAmy, (go look, super cute!)I am not quick, nor very advanced. And my work has a few, um, unique traits. I figure that sweater took me at least 15 hours...probably more. Especially at the beginning. That criss cross pattern is a first for me and created some difficulty. Also, that yarn was was an indulgence on the way out of town, my last visit to Webs. Oh Webs, I miss you, *sigh*.

Speaking of yarn. There is not a yarn store in Burlington. At least not that I can find. I'm sure there is a crafty type Micheals or something out in the burbs in Williston, but you would expect a cute little yarn shop amongst all the boutiques and specialty stores downtown, but no. There is one in Essex, but I would have to DRIVE there. No thanks!

So, THAT is going to become my newest pipe dream. Open a yarn store in Burlington. It does not matter that I know nothing of yarn. And that those ladies who talk of "fiber" annoy the crap out of me. I figure I don't even need a high rent fancy store -front. It can be in the fringe of downtown. Things like yarn don't count on pedestrian traffic. The knitters will find you.

If you build it, they will come.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I will try not to let this place become a dumping ground for my bitching

I'm about to run out the door to go to a Spherion interview, complete with typing test and Excel evalution (ugh, can't they just call Westaff and get the 2 hours of tests I already took over there?). I realized I hadn't eaten much this morning, so I grab a yogurt out the fridge. Normally I get Stoneybrook Farms yogurt, but the Price Chopper yogurt was on sale. So I open it up and dig in. It's good. I couldn't remember if I checked to make sure there was no aspartame in it, so I check out the lable. "Lowfat Yogurt"...99% fat free (that's why I got it too, I don't go for the good stuff when it comes to yogurt, I save the calories for good ice cream)...or at least I thought I did.

240 calories!!! WTF?

Don't you think it's slightly deceiving to put 'fat free' all over the place, then have THAT many calories? God, if it had fat in it, well, I might as well have a Whopper! Well, maybe a Whopper Jr...

Maybe I'm just being picky because I am currently going through a period of expansion.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The only kind of wine I'm allowed...

It was 2 days after the official "we're moving" decision was made that we found out I was pregnant. After much thought, I devised what I thought was a perfect professional plan for myself. I would temp! I am well over-qualified for admin work, so I didn't think there would be much trouble getting assignments to take up the next 6 months of baby growing. Sure, these jobs wouldn't be resume builders, but I would be bringing in some money and keeping busy. Also, it would afford me a week off to take the web development class in July I signed up for. This class is to advance my grand scheme of becoming a freelance web developer from home! It was all going to work out perfect!

Well, I've been here for over 2 weeks and I haven't heard squat from the temp agency I signed up for. I spent the morning shooting off my resume to some other agencies as well as a few job listings I've come across. Hopefully this will bare some fruit. The full time jobs I have applied for are office/admin 9-5 jobs that should be well within my reach. God, at least give me an interview! If I do get called in, I'm not 100% sure how I will handle the pregnancy issue. Legally, I know they're not allowed to ask, but it seems unethical (or at least deceitful) to not inform them that come November I will be taking um, 'time off'...possibly indefinitely?

This is the reason I hesitate to go after the "good jobs I'm qualified for and would build my career." AKA, jobs in the construction industry doing project administration and the like. I feel guilty in the idea of filling a position when in November, I really have no idea what I am going to do. I know I'll take at least 8 weeks off. But frankly, I'm not sure if I will go back even after 12 or 16. I've never had a baby before. I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do. I have a real hard time imagining handing over my child to strangers just so I can bring in a little money. I'd rather take the financial hit (if we can afford it, that is...if I have to work, I have to work...don't want anyone to starve). It's more important to me to have someone molding and caring for our child who really loves him/her and has a clear vision of what our values and priorities are when it comes to development and behavior. Not to mention, it's very important to me that I breastfeed for at least 6 months. And most importantly, I don't want to miss anything! All the cuteness? All the hugs and kisses? Oh god, I'm tearing up already...hormones.

That said, the current climate in the temp world has me looking around more. I have compiled a pretty signifcant list of general contractors and architects to send my resume to. Though I think that if I get responses, as soon as they find out I'm pregnant, our conversation will be over. But I can't NOT tell them, right? I mean, I can, but come on...when they find out, they'll probably be kinda pissed. And I don't want to work for people who are pissed at me. Help me internet people, what should I do?

And before you say it, there aren't even any retail jobs downtown. They've all been gobbled up by the college kids. Right now, that is. Who knows what may come up in a few weeks after Suzy is discovered stuffing her purse with Old Navy Madras in the break room.

Ok, bitch-fest is now officially over.

On a side note - Damn! it's really raining outside. Early afternoon Hopefully behind it is cool dry air. And maybe we'll have an extra pretty sunset...

Friday, June 16, 2006

This is where I am

Some of you who frequent another blog I participate in will find this post redundant...but uploading photos is a pain in the ass, so efficiency is king.

Since I still don't have a job, and finally found my computer cable, I figured I get out and take some pictures of our new town. First, I headed down to Church Street to get a Seven Days (local free paper) and sit and knit a while. Well, I had planned on taking pictures, but it was so jam packed with people...I always feel like a weirdo taking photos with strangers in the mix. Perhaps I am too self conscious. For instance, there was a mom who paid "balloon guy" to make crazy knotted balloon hats for her kids. Would have been great pictures (super cute kids), but what if the lady was like " hey, why are you taken pictures of my kids, are you some kind of pervert?!" Though my new zoom lens allows me to be a little sneaky, I still didn't have the nerve.

So, while sipping on my Decaf mocha and knitting in the sidewalk cafe, all I managed to get was a stain on my shirt and a sunburn.

After a while I headed out towards Battery Park, figuring I could take some pictures down there, which I did!

Battery Park Path

The car ferry that departs for New York every hour had just left the dock...

I decided to walk down to the docks, which is the offical "waterfront." There I figured I walk the bikepath back home.

This is looking down towards the waterfront from the path as I walked from Battery Park.

One of the greatest things about Burlington is the Bikepath. It connects one end of the city to the other, with a large stretch of it along the waterfront. J got a old bike from his dad and is in the process of fixing it up. Once he's done, he can bike to work!

The Spirit of Ethan Allen is a big boat that has dinner cruises and hosts other excursions on the lake.

I hopped on the bike path and headed south towards our house. I get off the path at Perkins Pier, which is a dock and small park at the bottom of our street.

Boats docked at Perkins Pier.

There is a small island you can see from the shore. I'm sure it has a name, but I don't know what it is.

J and I walk down here a lot for the sunset...

Now, I'm not trying to be all "Aren't you jealous, look where I live"...remember it's only this nice 4 months out of the year. Also, I didn't include the pictures of the homeless shelter a block up the street, nor the rotting couch someone dumped on the side of our driveway. But the lake and mountains sure are pretty. And lately, the weather is just gorgeous. I'm loving it so far...if the temp agency called with an assignment, then all would be perfect.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Feels like the party's getting started!

Yikes, I'm getting big. Soon, people will start knowing for sure, not just thinking I'm fat. I'm at 16.5 weeks and have gained 5 lbs, but it looks like I've gained at least 10. blah.

In bigger news than my stomach... I felt movement last night! Not a lot and not a crazy kick or anything, but with my hand on my stomach, I felt it! It was almost like a single short muscle spasm...that's how it felt to my hand, not to my stomach. I don't really feel anything by itself, without a hand there. But I was so enthralled that I laid there for probably over an hour waiting for it to happen again. I got some flutters, but nothing substaintial. I took a while to finally settle and go to sleep.

It's kinda crazy...that there is something moving in there, and like, doing stuff.

I am praying that my unemployment boredom will soon come to an end. No, I still haven't heard from the temp agency I signed up with, but I found what could be a FANTASTIC job. It only runs from July to perfect?! Don't know what it pays, though. I'm kinda over qualified, but hopefully the will interview me and I'll have a chance to explain how I just moved here and the timing is just what I'm looking for. Keep your finger crossed for me.

Still no chord still MIA...will get to Staples at some point.

Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm having a torrid affair...with a Pontiac.

I have just returned from the body shop and Enterprise rent-a-car with my ADORABLE loaner car...a Pontiac Vibe. I must admit, I was not aware of the existence of theVibe. But it 's quite the zippy little hatchback. Boy is this thing peppy! And it only has a hint of that ugly, bug-like grill of the current Pontiac design. And it's red! It reminds me of my old Honda, The Tomato...I dare say I like it better than the Green Monster that is currently getting an overhaul. Don't get me wrong, the Volvo is a very nice car, it's just so big and heavy. This little vibe is much more my style. I wonder if it's available in 4 wheel drive?

Isn't it cool?

As I was riding to the rental place with my Enterprise rep (Steve? God, I'm so horrible with names) we had an interesting conversation about Vermont drivers. He was saying how bad they are. What would make him say that? "They give each other too much room." He is from New York.

See, I actually enjoy the less hurried, give-you-more-room, style of the common Vermont motorist. MUCH better than the GET OUT OF MY WAY OR I WILL DRIVE UP YOUR BUTT style taken by most in southern New England, including my husband. A trait most likely passed down by his father - a wonderful man, but homicidal maniac behind the wheel. (Ok, maybe not homicidal, but I do recall him once shouting, "why don't you get off the road and go have a stroke" to an old lady who was driving too slow in the left hand lane. All within the confines of the vehicle mind you, not to her face). Yes, Road Rage is being handed down to my unborn child. It's in the genes. (To be fair, J has gotten much much better in the past few years . Mostly likely in order to stop my mantra of "you will not drive like this with a kid in the car.")

Anyway, whether safe driving can be construed as "good" or "bad" is a silly debate. I've concluded that the level of neccessary risk is relative to your geography. People who move here become frustrated because they are used to claiming every inch of asphalt as they can, in the hopes of getting 10 feet closer to their destination than they would otherwise. They come from a place where "commuting" is a MAJOR undertaking and a significant portion of the day. But this is Vermont people! If you're in a traffic jam there is a good chance it ends in 100 yards or so. Unlike Northern Virginia, where the roads are just one big parking lot. Where that 10 feet can make or break your abilitly to get home in time for dinner. You need to check your frenzied urban driving at the state line.

I would also like to put forth a theory that the careful approach is needed here because of the utter lack of descent transportation planning. Lanes you are crusing in inexplicably become "Turn only lanes" with little or no warning. There are left hand turn lanes without arrows, where there is never, NEVER a break in oncoming traffic in order to turn. And don't even get me started on the parking lot designs! They're set up like go-cart tracks...

How do I get out of here. Oh, THERE's the exit, um, but what is this median here for? Oh, I guess I'll have to go around. Do Not Enter. Well, where the fuck do I go? Ooooh, over there. Damn, all these other cars are trying to get there too! Please let me in! Can I turn, please! Well, shit, maybe I'll just go hang out at TGI Fridays until this all settles down. Crap. My Ben and Jerrys is melting.

I wonder what percentage of car accidents in Burlington (oh, and WILLISTON, the home of the WORST parking lots ever) take place in parking lots? Worth looking into. But I'll take the frustrating shopping plazas over white-knuckling it, while an SUV tries to give me enima, in Massachusetts.

I am fully aware that my statements about "safe" drivers completely flies in the face of the fact that I got smashed up by some absent-minded geriatric Vermonter last month.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Where's Nate when you need him?

Geeeeeeezzzzzz...Blogger is soooooo sloooooow. I hit the "Create the Post" button,, waited...went to the kitchen heated up some leftover dip...and finally! A dialog box to type in. I can only imagine what's going to happen when I hit "Publish Post." (Spellcheck is having the same this post will contain many, many spelling errors..because, well, I can't all).

Moving on...

Unpacking is slowing reaching its final stages. Right now the biggest dillema other than closet space is how to handle the carpet color in the guest room. It's maroon...kinda a purpley maroon. Actually, it's not too far off from the VT "Chicago Maroon" so I toyed with the idea of making it a Hokie themed guest room. But after considering what it would actually look like, and whether it would be welcoming to our guests, I thought better of it. Perhaps if it was our second guest room, or perhaps a basement bar room? But I swear, nothing goes with that color. Except white. So i put our bright white down blanket on the bed and it looks ok. But then Tubbs decided that this is his favorite new spot to hang out. He can sprawl out at the top of the bed, rest his chin on his paws and stair out the window. As I type now he is there, observing all that is new and exciting on our busy little corner. I suppose I could just shut the door, but he's really so happy. I would take a picture but I still haven't found that damn cable to get pictures off my camera. I guess it's time to find the computer/camera/gadet store...aka Radio Shack.

Yesterday I went to the DMV to get my new Vermont drivers license. I was there for 3 hours!! This is partly due to their stupid policy of only taking cash, checks or money orders. So mid-transaction, I head to the shopping center next door to find an ATM. When I locate it, there is a line. The line is completely comprised of other DMV patrons who neglected to bring the $115 it ended up costing to be deemed worthy to drive legally in a vehicle now sporting the bright green plates of the Green Mountain State. But everything worked out ok. I have my license (honestly, theWORST picture I yet to have on a form of identifcation) and my pretty new plates. I'm thinking of trading them in for some vanity plates. I was thinking GO HOKIES, but then J suggested VT HOKIE which is cool because of the whole double meaning thing. I would think these may be available...can't imagine there are a ton of Hokies around.

Which brings me to my next idea. A Burlington chapter of the VT Alumni Association! We could head it up, no? As long as the members understand that it will mostly revolve around football. That is if there are any members. J saw a VT sticker on a vehicle in his office parking lot, but doesn't know who it belongs to. There must be a few Hokies around here...yes?

Long post. I need a job. And some people to talk to.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Greetings from Burlington

Well, we made it. And I finally got this stupid computer working so I can tell you all about it. First, hiring movers is definitely the way to go...that is if you're a millionaire, or lucky enough to have a 3rd party pay for it (we, unfortunately, fit into the latter category). Three guys just whizzed right in, newsprint and boxes were assembled jammed and neatly taped, and bam! All done. Leaving me in a empty echoey house with Tubbselweeds* the size of well, actual tumbleweeds. After a day and a half of vacuuming dog hair, painting and figuring out how the hell to make the baseboard covers look normal (which, by the way, I had no luck with) Tubbs and I hit the road and headed off to our new, yet to be seen, abode.

I love it. Its a big (big compared to our house in Northampton) old rickety and slanty, but incredibly charming and airy house. It has wood floors, a stained glass window and 3, count 'em, 3 whole bedrooms! Sadly, what it has in spaciousness, it lacks in storage. There is not a single closet downstairs. Not one. Which with our boxes of crap has lead to an unpacking stalemate. Sure, we must keep that tub of Lego and that box of 20 yet-to-be-developed disposable cameras from our wedding, but where do we put them?! I'll tell you where, in a big pile in that corner over there. Yes, perfect. Or even better, Lets make our precious 3rd bedroom into a music instrument, golf club, disposable camera, Lego storage area! What? A baby is going to live there? Oh, yeah. Time to rethink. So it's not a storage room, merely a staging area.

Js folks came up and helped out. They were a God send. After weeks of packing and cleaning, the process of unpacking and cleaning even more was too much. The extra hands were just what the doctor ordered. Js mom cheerfully unloaded boxes while J and his Dad quickly found a project that would require many trips to Home Depot and debates regarding proper fastening techniques. The big round shower curtain holder that hangs above our clawfoot tub (where I will be soaking luxuriously nightly) no longer falls down. Which is wonderful if, by chance, you don't want water all over the walls, or to display your naked body to the dog.

I could go on, but this is getting pretty long, so I'll save it for another post. I have a long list of things to accomplish today. Unfortunately an important one requires talking to people in I have to wait untill 1 for that one. But I have successfully lined up some renters insurance and an appointment at a Body Shop where they will fix my Old Lady induced damage. Now its off the to bank, the dmv, and the grocery store. Out of these 3 destinations, I only know the location of one of them. Ah, the joys of a new town!

*I don't think this really needs much explaination but Tubbsleweeds are Tubbs dog hair balls that blow across the floor... in the manner of a tumbleweed. Aren't we precious.