Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Table 11 baby...

I'm not in Vermont yet. I am still here on Williams Street sitting amongst a conglomeration of boxes, bags and dog hair. I know I said I wasn't going to update until I was up in the new abode, but I have one more day of internet access, so here I am. Also, when I get there I'll be talking about the move, and I wanted to share a little bit about my weekend.

As some of you already know, last weekend J and I went to Boston for a wedding. We've known the groom (Johnny!!) since Freshman year of college. In the 8 years that followed he was roommate to either J or I, or both of us. He found a super cool chick and they got married!!! I will be taking some credit for the pairing...Allow me to share:

  • At J's and my wedding (what is the proper way to say that? Come on you English majors, school me), Js friend A-Girl and my friend P-boy meet.

  • A-Girl and P-boy begin to date and A-Girl moves to DC to be with P-boy.

  • P-boy and Johnny are in the same circle of friends.

  • A-Girl's best friend G-Girl visits and meets Johnny.

  • G-Girl and Johnny hit it off and begin dating.

  • Johnny moves to Boston to be with G-Girl.

  • Johnny and G-Girl got married last weekend!!!

So, yes, I expect many thanks and accolades, as it is clear without J and I's existence the 2 would never have met. And P diddy, I don't want to hear you try to trump my clear and concise pathology with your own...Nacho's interference is primary and therefore more causational (is that a word?) But if I hog all the credit for Johnny's happy outcome, I suppose I must take responsibility for the A-Girl P-boy result as well...um, not as happy.....I dare say somewhat tragic. But this site is to air my own dirty laundry, not the innocent unmentionables of others, so ZIP! My lips are sealed.

Well, the wedding was truly beautiful. And it had the bonus of gathering some of my most favorite people in the world in one location. Both Pdiddy and Mrs. T were there and reinforced my belief that I am blessed with some fo the best friends a girl can have. Though our time together was a little more tame than usual, as a pregnant Nacho does not get to partake in cocktails, there were many laughs and lots of hugs...Perhaps a few tears. (Tame on my end...I sipped appreciatively on my Shirley Temple while Pdiddy, Mrs. T and J slammed 'carbombs' at The Black Rose. )

I discovered my boogie is somewhat attached to the booze and my dancing shoes did not get much action. I realized how much wine is a social lubricant for me...sobering. Well I was already sober, but you know what I mean. But don't worry, it was still a blast. I wish I had some pics, but I left the camera in a cab...good job Nacho! As if the weekend wasn't expensive enough....argh.

Even though I didn't experience the kind of hangover I am accustomed to, I am now dealing with a "Friend Hangover"...it's the melancholy feeling that always follows good times with good friends that you don't get to see very often. It's a combination of heartfelt appreciation and regret. Appreciation for having people so wonderful in your life, but regrets that the limited time together could have been spent with more gusto...or more awareness...or something. Or maybe just that you wish there was more time. Or in this case, less distance. But there is always the next time to look forward to...and the hope that there will always be a next time.

Ok, enough of the sentimental crap. My ladies rock, and the dudes aren't too shabby either! nuff said.

Quote of the Weekend

"White creamy stuff? I can't get enough."
-P Diddy

(Get-your-mind-out-of-the-gutter-clarification: In response to Js aversion to products with such attributes...in particular, salad dressing)

Friday, May 19, 2006


Wanted to let everyone know that this may be my last post for a while. J is coming home tonight and we're going to be packing up the computer...so I will have no access for a couple weeks. Not that it's been a flurry of activity here. I thought that once I stopped working my creative juices and need for outside interaction would bolster my blogging, but no. Sadly, I think my updates have been fewer and farther between than ever. Probably most because one can only say so much about boxes, paint and dust.

I'm beginning to feel a little preganant. It hasn't completely sunk in yet, which is weird, I figured it would have by now. But my stomach is definitely sticking out...way more than last week. This has me a little worried since I just dropped some money on a new outfit for a wedding. I've been trying it on everyday to make sure we're still in business...so far so good, but it is starting to cinch a little. This wedding will most likely be the one and only time I'll ever get to wear it. And perhaps be my last non-blimplike appearance at an event! It's also the single greatest reason I have for not giving into my Whopper with Cheese cravings. I haven't had a Whopper in like, 8 years or something, and all of a sudden I'm having to convince myself NOT head to the drive through. Mmmmmm, Whopper...with Cheese. If I give in, I'll do the Jr. Whopper though. Smaller portion, same fat saturated yumminess!

A friend of ours just had a baby girl! Haven't seen her yet, and I'm not sure we'll get a chance before leaving town. I hope we squeeze it in. Another friend who is pregnant just found out she's having a girl. All these girls make be think our odds are better for having a boy, but that doesn't really make sense. I'm sure J would be happy to believe that logic. Two more months until we find out.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Next time I write, it will be from Vermont!

Friday, May 12, 2006

WHAM! then BAM! WTF...Ma'am?

Well I'm back! I took some pictures, but I did not get the accessories required to get them from the camera to the computer. But I can describe them. You might expect pastoral landscapes of white farmhouses and red barns, or perhaps picturesque lakeshore views? Nope. Try crumpled side door of Volvo.

An 80 year old lady hit me at a 4-way stop...twice. TWICE!! The first time she kinda t-boned me in the side passenger door. I hit the breaks when I felt the impact, then WHAM! she hit me again on the back bumper. Don't worry, I'm fine and luckily Tubbs wasn't in the car. The lady was completely freaked out and I felt kinda bad for her. Anyway, now I'm dealing with insurance adjusters on top of all the other crap I've got on my plate. Fun!!

In some good news, it seems that the Kay Jewlers Mother's Day commercial has been shelved, or at least I don't see it anymore. It has been replaced by the slightly less annoying "Peek-A-WOO" Kay Jewler commercial. Isn't it funny how all the Mother's Day commercials are geared towards husbands and not kids...I guess you gotta go where the money is.

I know I haven't been doing this lately but...


"Well, it's that time of year, we just got super busy.
All the old people are back from Florida. They're hitting shit left and right."

-State Farm Insurance Adjuster ...20 minutes ago.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Headin' out

I'm on my way out the door to head up to Burlington for the next few days. There is still plenty to do around here, but I am unmotivated, so what better time to drive 3 hours with the dog and keep my husband company? And while he's a work, I can go shopping for a smokin' dress for the wedding we have to go to in a couple weeks. Yay! I'm bringing my camera this time so I'm also hoping to get out and explore a little more and take some nice pictures...though I still can't find the card reader or cable in order to download. Maybe I should put that on my shopping list too.

Well, I better hurry, Tubbs is whining and pacing and knocking stuff over since he saw me put his dog food in the car.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

More proof I've been watching too much TV

Katy's comment about crying at commercials got me thinking. I, too, have shed tears at sappy commercials, but strangely not lately. If anything, commercials have begun to really annoy me. I suppose I've always had somewhat of a critical eye when it comes to such things. J can always expect some unsolicited commentary along the lines "what ad wizard came up with that one." Which is probably more annoying than the commercials.

Allow me to share the TV ads that are currently stuck in my craw:

KFC...I've started calling people 'side hogs' just to see if I come off as obnoxious and bitchy as the girl in this commercial.

Remax...How far did that guy have to relocate to buy that treehouse? I can't imagine they are available in most American communities. You know, I've always dreamed of living in a house made out of recycled newspaper and hub caps. I'll wait for your call.

Beneful...dude, you're the one who bought the dog food, you know it's dog food, even if it has peas in it.

And the one I dislike the most, and luckily the one that will only be on for another week is...

Kay Jewlers Mother's Day commercial. This is the one where the lady who played Bobcat Goldweith's girlfriend in one of the Police Academy movies is a mom and her husband opens the garage and there are like, 13 kids who launch into a "you're an awesome mom" song. Complete with precocious little girl on lead vocals and maracas. What gets me most is that those kids sound like they're in a freaking studio. I believe they are harmonizing. It is obviously voiceover and way out of the abilities of the average family band...they ain't the Osmonds. And even if by some miracle these kids did pull it off, there is no way this little performance could have happened with out ALOT of practice...which mom MUST have heard...in the garage. And the song, I don't know, just BOTHERS me. I cringe. Make it stop. Oh, and just so you know, a little diddy isn't good enough for Mommy, be sure to stop by Kay Jewlers and get her some DIAMONDS, ok?

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing one or all of the above commercials, just tune to TLC and watch the Baby Story, What Not to Wear, 10 Years Younger daily shmorgesborg.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What has made me cry in the past week...

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Global Warming Documentary on HBO


The above were mostly just tearing up a bit (well, except the Traveling Pants. Not a very good movie, but still, kids with lukemia, what can you do). But the winner for blubbery, ugly cry is...

A Baby Story on TLC

I'm not sure if it's coming from a happy place or a terrified place. Probably both. One thing it's taught me is that the majority of nurses need to shut the fuck up!! I swear, if there is some middle aged woman in there with me YELLING at me to push, push push, I will clock her. And she better not have that patronizing, 'oooohhh, your doing so grrrrreeeeat' sing songy, kindergarten teacher voice. I hate to say it, but it's made me understand the virtue of 'silent birth'...but not for me, I'll be screaming, just everyone else needs to be quiet, unless they have something really important to say...like, well, anything I can think of that's "important" is scary, so lets just say everyone shut up, ok?

No, hormones are having no effect on me whatsoever.

Monday, May 01, 2006

So much to do, so much time

I have come to the conclusion that I quit my job prematurely. I have plenty of stuff to do around here, but more time to do it than it really requires. Everything would have worked out perfectly if we had gotten a lease for May 1st, but we didn't. June 1st. That's 4 more weeks of sitting in this house...painting, packing and purging. There isn't really 4 weeks worth of that to do.

If I was still struggling with pregnancy induced comas, perhaps I could see needing the extra time. But as I creep ever closer to the second trimester I find my energy level stabelizing. I can make through and entire afternoon without a nap!

I plan to gobble up some of this time by going up to Burlington. In Burlington I can see J! and go shopping! Well, I must take it easy on the shopping since, as I stated, I have no income to contribute at the moment, but we are going to a wedding and I am in the need of a cute and sassy little number. Don't know if my belly will be bigger by then? It's the last weekend in May. I'll be around 13-14 weeks. Will I have to accommodate a bulge? I suppose I should wait to purchase something to be sure it fits.

I find myself wanting a belly. It seems that it will solidify the fact that I am pregnant. So far I haven't gained any weight, but I can no longer suck in my stomach. And my boobs are bigger. And hurt. Like, A LOT.

In non-boob related news, my mother has taken quite nicely to the Grandmother role. My sister has welcomed a new member to the family as well! Currently, the little one is staying at my Mom's house. My sister is excited to be a new Mama. My kid will have a little competition in the cute department, that's for sure. Hardly fair.

Nugget. 9 week old Chihuahua Pekingnese mix.