Monday, May 01, 2006

So much to do, so much time

I have come to the conclusion that I quit my job prematurely. I have plenty of stuff to do around here, but more time to do it than it really requires. Everything would have worked out perfectly if we had gotten a lease for May 1st, but we didn't. June 1st. That's 4 more weeks of sitting in this house...painting, packing and purging. There isn't really 4 weeks worth of that to do.

If I was still struggling with pregnancy induced comas, perhaps I could see needing the extra time. But as I creep ever closer to the second trimester I find my energy level stabelizing. I can make through and entire afternoon without a nap!

I plan to gobble up some of this time by going up to Burlington. In Burlington I can see J! and go shopping! Well, I must take it easy on the shopping since, as I stated, I have no income to contribute at the moment, but we are going to a wedding and I am in the need of a cute and sassy little number. Don't know if my belly will be bigger by then? It's the last weekend in May. I'll be around 13-14 weeks. Will I have to accommodate a bulge? I suppose I should wait to purchase something to be sure it fits.

I find myself wanting a belly. It seems that it will solidify the fact that I am pregnant. So far I haven't gained any weight, but I can no longer suck in my stomach. And my boobs are bigger. And hurt. Like, A LOT.

In non-boob related news, my mother has taken quite nicely to the Grandmother role. My sister has welcomed a new member to the family as well! Currently, the little one is staying at my Mom's house. My sister is excited to be a new Mama. My kid will have a little competition in the cute department, that's for sure. Hardly fair.

Nugget. 9 week old Chihuahua Pekingnese mix.


Mrs. T said...

I love the pregnancy talk - it makes my afternoon! Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding!

amy. said...

You have to love that period of time where you don't look pregnant, you just look bloated, lol. I always wanted to run around telling everyone that I was growing a baby, not just getting a beer gut or something. You need to start taking belly pictures! I'll be a nice sister in law and not show you pictures of my belly lmost 3 years after the fact, lol.

Hokie Explorer said...

I'm sure she is taking pictures already.

Of course your kid will win the cute contest. Don't be silly. You have to be hardcore for your team! (sister or not) :-p