Friday, September 12, 2008

The cock says it's time to go get some boobie!

We're back in our house. THANK GOD. Though construction still continues. Hopefully it will all be over in another couple weeks. Well, at least the contractor part. There is still a fair amount of painting, moving furniture up from the basement and the giving birth stuff left to do before we can truly relax.

Things are pretty stressful. In addition to all that is going on with house and new baby, Sam has fully launched himself into the "terrible twos." Of course he's not two yet. And when you talk to other mothers, there is a pretty clear consensus that this tantrum prone, completely irrational, contradictory desire laden (I want OUTof the crib now, but DON'T you DARE pick me up!) behavior starts around 18 months. Oh, silly me. I thought it might start closer to TWO. Thanks for the warning.

Of course with all the drama coming from his direction, there is a lot of fun new stuff too. His vocabulary is growing. He didn't say much for a while, but it seems like the flood gates have opened. Sure, most of his words require translation, but he's giving it the old college try. Or rather, perhaps more the old frat boy try? Allow me to explain.

Like a lot of toddlers, when they start to talk, Sam mixes up his consonants or just plain ignores them all together. It has lead to a few interesting results. Like whenever Sam sees a clock, he shouts "COCK!" Nice. Or in his excitement of seeing a bag of Veggie Booty at the store, he begins a mantra of "BOOBIE. BOOBIE!.BOOBIE." And just the other day, Sam took off his shirt during his nap. When I walked in to get him, I exclaim "Look who took of his shirt! You have no shirt!" and he replies "No, Shit."

But many other words are coming along without the R rating. 'go' is a favorite. He says it when he wants to go outside, or when he is running in circles around a chair. Or just recently, to tell a bunch of bicyclist to get moving...