Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am the Owner of the World's Smallest Ponytail

Things are progressing. I have finished painting the backsplash in the kitchen so our renters don't have to look at the Colonial Blue vine and magenta flowered wallpaper. I know it is not advisable to paint wallpaper...but believe me, it's much better.

In other news, I have cut my hair. Perhaps 'cut' isn't the right word. More like chopped...hacked...WHACKED. For those of you who didn't know, my hair was about... um, I don't know...long? like to mid-arm...2-3 feet? Not that you would know it. I never wore it down because it was kinda unhealthy and always tangled. I've been avoiding a 'salon' because they always make me look like a Ms. America contestant...or a news reporter. I have very thick hair and they always poof it up and I look ridiculous. But between not being able to upkeep on the grey because Nice and Easy is not the best idea in the first trimester, and not having my hair cut in 2 years, I was looking a little ragged...and kinda old. I was feeling frumpy.

My coworkers gave me a Chamber of Commerce gift certificate as a going away present so I figured, what the hell, and called the fancy salon downtown (if you check out the link, be sure your volume is down, they have music...crazy jazz flute music.) So I told Sarah, cute and young stylist (whew!) that I wanted to cover the grey if it was possible that it not touch my scalp too much and a new cut. She said she could to foils (that aluminum foil stuff...I felt so fancy) and would be sure to be careful.

Then she asked about the cut.

"I've been threatening to go short for a while"

"How short?"

"I still wnat to be able to pull it into a ponytail"

"Like a bob?"

"Yeah, but with layers, kinda funky."

"I think jaw length would look good on you."

I was sold. Tell me I'll look good, and I'll do whatever you say. After all, she's the professional. So she takes a rubberband, puts my hair in a low ponytail, and SNIP! gone. Then there was the coloring, then the shampooing, and then more cutting. She thinned out my hair so I wouldn't have a mushroom, did that cool attack the end ends with scissors thing I've seen on Blow Out. My hair was still wet, but I liked it...then she started blow drying.

She used a big ass round brush. My funky little do was transformed into a brunette hat. I kept thinking of that scene from Steel Magnolias when Sally Fields looks at herself in the mirror and says "it DOES look like a brown football helmet."

I mean, it looked good....if you're Katie Couric. Not really me. But it's a good cut and I think I can work with it. As soon as I got home, I wet it down a little to get rid of the poof. I haven't taken a shower yet, so we'll see what happens when the natural curl of my hair is released.

Ok, you probably want a pic. But the chord to the camera is lost in packing hell, so I had to take one with a web cam. Here it is. Do you like my blue mug?! A mug to cover my mug.

I will kill anyone who says Soccer Mom.


Mrs. T said...

What's up hottie? I love it! You're such a hipster!

Matt said...

nice mug!

amy. said...

I LOVE IT! I love it. I love the bangs. Has J seen it? What do you think, J? I am thinking about a big chop as well. My ponytail is driving me batshit crazy.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

You are totally a Breck girl. I love it.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

when i got my hair cut, they used the big round brush and had this "move" down, the pull, blowdry, flippy one. I can't do it. It's like a hidden camera show when i do my hair.