Friday, May 12, 2006

WHAM! then BAM! WTF...Ma'am?

Well I'm back! I took some pictures, but I did not get the accessories required to get them from the camera to the computer. But I can describe them. You might expect pastoral landscapes of white farmhouses and red barns, or perhaps picturesque lakeshore views? Nope. Try crumpled side door of Volvo.

An 80 year old lady hit me at a 4-way stop...twice. TWICE!! The first time she kinda t-boned me in the side passenger door. I hit the breaks when I felt the impact, then WHAM! she hit me again on the back bumper. Don't worry, I'm fine and luckily Tubbs wasn't in the car. The lady was completely freaked out and I felt kinda bad for her. Anyway, now I'm dealing with insurance adjusters on top of all the other crap I've got on my plate. Fun!!

In some good news, it seems that the Kay Jewlers Mother's Day commercial has been shelved, or at least I don't see it anymore. It has been replaced by the slightly less annoying "Peek-A-WOO" Kay Jewler commercial. Isn't it funny how all the Mother's Day commercials are geared towards husbands and not kids...I guess you gotta go where the money is.

I know I haven't been doing this lately but...


"Well, it's that time of year, we just got super busy.
All the old people are back from Florida. They're hitting shit left and right."

-State Farm Insurance Adjuster ...20 minutes ago.


Mrs. T said...

Hi Nacho - I've missed you! Jesus, is lil Nacho ok? I can't believe you got hit. TWICE!

Sweet, only two more weeks until Nacho, Mrs. T and P Diddy rock Boston. Look out. Just a kind reminder - Willie Nelson IS playing the Saturday night we are there. And like really close by too I think. I'm just sayin . . .

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

I think we should name the new lil' one "Nachito". So glad you're OK. Hate to be the one to say it, but old people should be limited to mass transit. Period. FYI, the Virginia DMV just renewed my 82-year-old five-stroke-having grandmother's license. And she can't even get INTO a car without a major production involving at least two people and heavy lifting.

amy. said...

I was glad to hear the bump was okay, too. In typical fashion, my dad just said "Yeah, Nacho got t-boned by some old lady this weekend. They should arrest her and bring her to prison", lol. No news on how you actually WERE, just extreme and bizarre law enforcement suggestions.

I saw the evil Kay commercial this morning, unfortunately. Maybe it is doing better in the Southern market.

nacho said...

Thanks for the well wishes ladies! I just got back from my Dr. appointment and heard the heartbeat for the first time!! Now it's official. There is concrete evidence that there is something in there...not just a blue line on a pee stick.

15 days and Mrs T., P Diddy and Nacho take Boston by storm! Oh, Mrs T, the newlyweds will be so honored when they hear you blew off Willie for their nuptuals. Hey, if he's playing Boston, maybe he's playing here too? to check pollstar.