Monday, June 05, 2006

Greetings from Burlington

Well, we made it. And I finally got this stupid computer working so I can tell you all about it. First, hiring movers is definitely the way to go...that is if you're a millionaire, or lucky enough to have a 3rd party pay for it (we, unfortunately, fit into the latter category). Three guys just whizzed right in, newsprint and boxes were assembled jammed and neatly taped, and bam! All done. Leaving me in a empty echoey house with Tubbselweeds* the size of well, actual tumbleweeds. After a day and a half of vacuuming dog hair, painting and figuring out how the hell to make the baseboard covers look normal (which, by the way, I had no luck with) Tubbs and I hit the road and headed off to our new, yet to be seen, abode.

I love it. Its a big (big compared to our house in Northampton) old rickety and slanty, but incredibly charming and airy house. It has wood floors, a stained glass window and 3, count 'em, 3 whole bedrooms! Sadly, what it has in spaciousness, it lacks in storage. There is not a single closet downstairs. Not one. Which with our boxes of crap has lead to an unpacking stalemate. Sure, we must keep that tub of Lego and that box of 20 yet-to-be-developed disposable cameras from our wedding, but where do we put them?! I'll tell you where, in a big pile in that corner over there. Yes, perfect. Or even better, Lets make our precious 3rd bedroom into a music instrument, golf club, disposable camera, Lego storage area! What? A baby is going to live there? Oh, yeah. Time to rethink. So it's not a storage room, merely a staging area.

Js folks came up and helped out. They were a God send. After weeks of packing and cleaning, the process of unpacking and cleaning even more was too much. The extra hands were just what the doctor ordered. Js mom cheerfully unloaded boxes while J and his Dad quickly found a project that would require many trips to Home Depot and debates regarding proper fastening techniques. The big round shower curtain holder that hangs above our clawfoot tub (where I will be soaking luxuriously nightly) no longer falls down. Which is wonderful if, by chance, you don't want water all over the walls, or to display your naked body to the dog.

I could go on, but this is getting pretty long, so I'll save it for another post. I have a long list of things to accomplish today. Unfortunately an important one requires talking to people in I have to wait untill 1 for that one. But I have successfully lined up some renters insurance and an appointment at a Body Shop where they will fix my Old Lady induced damage. Now its off the to bank, the dmv, and the grocery store. Out of these 3 destinations, I only know the location of one of them. Ah, the joys of a new town!

*I don't think this really needs much explaination but Tubbsleweeds are Tubbs dog hair balls that blow across the floor... in the manner of a tumbleweed. Aren't we precious.


amy. said...

Phew, blogger is back up and I can finally leave a comment. Yay Burlington! I talked to my folks last night and my plane tickets have been secured. July 19th, baby. And we'll probably come up for the weekend and hang out with y'all. We caqn just empty out one of the LEGO buckets for Henry to sleep in. :)

nacho said...

Yay!!! Oh, was blogger down? I was beginning to feel a little lonely...not that everyone is required to comment on my oh-so-exciting life.

I hear Henry is a little chatter box. Can't wait! It's so pretty here. I hope the weather is was crappy while your folks were here, and of course was gorgeous as soon as they left.

amy. said...

Yup, it was down all day yesterday. Pth. Henry is indeed chattering away. He insisted that I let him call Pepere the other day and they actually had a conversation in the phone. It pretty much consisted of me saying something and then him repeating it, but it was still sweet.