Thursday, June 22, 2006

A venture into positivity

Ok, unemployement and yogurt disappointments aside, things are pretty good around here. The 'not working' has let me relax quite a bit and get some things done that otherwise might have caused me stress, or at least pushed life deeper into the hectic realm. Other than the small issue of "not bringing in any money" I must say I have felt no stress at all. Well, besides the "pushing a person out of my girly area" in 4 months thing. But not to dwell on the physical trauma, it will bring joy and cuteness and perhaps more of these:

My first baby sweater! Or my first item of clothing other than a hat or scarf for that matter. Do you like the little bear? His name is Rufus the Mangnificent. How about his manly grey chest patch...that is my amateur attempt to cover the seam. Without it, it looked like Rufus had just had open heart surgery.

So, you may be thinking, that is one nice looking sweater. Ok! I'll sell you that sweater for...$200!

That is approximately how much I would have to sell it for if I wanted to make minimum wage in the effort. Unlike my knitting whiz sister-in-lawAmy, (go look, super cute!)I am not quick, nor very advanced. And my work has a few, um, unique traits. I figure that sweater took me at least 15 hours...probably more. Especially at the beginning. That criss cross pattern is a first for me and created some difficulty. Also, that yarn was was an indulgence on the way out of town, my last visit to Webs. Oh Webs, I miss you, *sigh*.

Speaking of yarn. There is not a yarn store in Burlington. At least not that I can find. I'm sure there is a crafty type Micheals or something out in the burbs in Williston, but you would expect a cute little yarn shop amongst all the boutiques and specialty stores downtown, but no. There is one in Essex, but I would have to DRIVE there. No thanks!

So, THAT is going to become my newest pipe dream. Open a yarn store in Burlington. It does not matter that I know nothing of yarn. And that those ladies who talk of "fiber" annoy the crap out of me. I figure I don't even need a high rent fancy store -front. It can be in the fringe of downtown. Things like yarn don't count on pedestrian traffic. The knitters will find you.

If you build it, they will come.

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