Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I will try not to let this place become a dumping ground for my bitching

I'm about to run out the door to go to a Spherion interview, complete with typing test and Excel evalution (ugh, can't they just call Westaff and get the 2 hours of tests I already took over there?). I realized I hadn't eaten much this morning, so I grab a yogurt out the fridge. Normally I get Stoneybrook Farms yogurt, but the Price Chopper yogurt was on sale. So I open it up and dig in. It's good. I couldn't remember if I checked to make sure there was no aspartame in it, so I check out the lable. "Lowfat Yogurt"...99% fat free (that's why I got it too, I don't go for the good stuff when it comes to yogurt, I save the calories for good ice cream)...or at least I thought I did.

240 calories!!! WTF?

Don't you think it's slightly deceiving to put 'fat free' all over the place, then have THAT many calories? God, if it had fat in it, well, I might as well have a Whopper! Well, maybe a Whopper Jr...

Maybe I'm just being picky because I am currently going through a period of expansion.


amy. said...

Let me take this moment to try to push Stoneyfield Farms Light Smoothies. No aspartame, has about 120 calories, and the Peach kicks serious ass. Plus, you can grab them as you run out the door. They can be a little spendy, but you can get coupons on the site adn they go on sale a lot, at least around here.

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

When I took my temp tests at AppleOne, my...agent, or whatever, said to me, and I quote, "Your Outlook skills are quite good, but it doesn't look like you've used Excel before, right?"

UM, YES I HAVE!! I can make a phone...list. Bitch.

And, yes, thank you very much, I can email my ass off! In fact I would prefer a job where I can email all day! To my friends! (That was my inside voice talking)

Personally, big fan of the Mountain View "European Style" yogurt. Also low in calories and creamily delicious.

nacho said...

Oh, I think maybe I do get Stonyfield not Stonybrook...hmm. It has a cow on it...I think.

What makes it European style? Maybe it smokes and has an accent? (sorry, I tried, I am lame)