Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hi...I can't think of a title for this post.

Pretty much right after I published my post yesterday, I got a call from both The Cable Dude and the temp agency. Cable dude was on his way over and temp agency had a job for me, sorta.

The job is working for a pretty big company around here. It will last for about a month. Only catch is that they want me to start the week I'm going down to DC. The temp agency knew about this trip, but I guess they weren't looking at their info. Anyway, they're going to check back with the company to see if I can start the week after...no word yet. I hope it works out. I think I could do a really good job. And temping really will be the way to go. That way, if I get super uncomfortable or if something comes up medically, I won't feel guilty about missing work. But let's hope that won't even be a concern.

And the cable guy came and left. He was here for 2 hours! What did he do? I have no idea. But when he left he said "ok, you're all set" and that's good enough for me. Not good enough for J, however. He wanted to know all the happenings and tweekings of cable man, and sadly I could not produce. I do know that the sun theory proposed by the phone cable guy is somewhat ridiculous, at least by the look on the in-my-house cable guy's face when I relayed it him. All I know is that the internet did not go out yesterday, so seems like we're in business.

J and I are going to have lunch today! Orginally, I suggested it so I could finally see where he works, but that got the kibash right away. He doesn't want me to go there. "Significant others never stop by." Well, are they unemployed and pregnant and bored? I don't even want a tour, just a "this is where I work. And no, that 22 year old girl who sits next to me rarely sits on my lap, and the jello shots are kept in that fridge over there." You know, the quick tour.

J, do you still read this? I don't think you do...do you? If you do, I love you. (Oh, and email the landlord about putting carpet on the stairs.) My blog is multi-functional...pout, adoration, nag.


Katy said...

My internet caught whatever disease your internet has. The modem only blinks at me, but does nothing. Our phone and everything comes through the internet! My house is like some sort of Amish, cable-free place. I hate it. I hope my cable guy is as helpful as yours. Confidence is low at this point.

nacho said...

My guy said that the "signal was a little low" and that the reason it kept going out at the same time (from 3-ish-8ish) is because that's when all the kids get home from school and suck up all the signal meeting 55 yo men on Myspace...

Wow, so no internet, no phone... I hope you at least still have TV. My TV still worked. Cable guy said it only takes 25% of the signal to work. God, I would have died. Of course, I'm out of work and sit here all day. I suppose I could read a book. Good Luck!