Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Comcast....please get your shit straight. I'll show you what's "not available in my area"!

It turns out that $20 did not save my weekend. What saved it was calling every bar in a 40 mile radius and asking them if they have Direct TV and get ESPN Gamplan. The answer to this question was a consistent No and I feared my heart was going to break. Then, at last, JTs in Springfield saved the day. Granted, we had to drive a ½ hour. And also pay for drink and munchies when we already had copious amounts of both at home. But the Hokies played spectacularly and I glowed in the light of their invincibility.

We were the only Hokies in the bar, holed up in a corner blasting our designated TV. The rest of the bar was listening to the Yankees game, well – at least for a while. Until the Springfield College rugby team came in and started singing. I guess you could call it singing. Kinda a cross between those chants Marines do when they run and patty-cake songs I sang when I was little. And it went on FOREVER. Pretty much from the beginning of the 3rd quarter on we listened to young men do an answer-and-call about hookers and snatches and beer. Got to get to the big city more often…such culture to behold.

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