Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What's going on in there? Nothing (I think)

Well, my blogging has not been what it used to be. Sorry to anyone who checks in now and then. I know I hate it when the bloggers I read suddenly disappear. Therefore, I will attempt to do an entry at least every two days. It’s a lofty goal, I know. But here’s to trying!!

So, I don’t think I’m pregnant. Actually, I’m 95% sure I’m not. Though I peed on a stick to find out when we should have sex, apparently the sex did not do the trick…make me pregnant, that is. Though J will be thrilled for another 4 day compulsory marathon in October, I am disappointed. I am just now beginning to take this whole ‘getting pregnant’ thing seriously. We talk about enough that I just want done…so we can move to the next step. I suppose that would be the getting fat, no booze, hormone saturated phase. Also, somebody posted on craigslist that they want to start a mommy group and I soooo want to join. But I suppose I should be a mommy first.

Technically, I won’t get my period until Friday. But I have zits, am irritable, crave Chinese Food and my boobs hurt. These are my normal pre-menstrual symptoms…and I’m beginning to cramp a little. It is definitely imminent.

But who knows. There is still the 5% of me that thinks it’s possible. Hence the one glass of wine rule I have implemented. It’s torture.

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