Friday, September 16, 2005

So I'm over the bitchyness of my previous post. Love the boy...truely (truly?) do. Enough of that.

So, he is down in the burg. I am very jealous. Wish I was there. It is honestly one of the most perfect places on the planet. The people their make my heart, feeling a little sentimental I guess.

This is my first atttempt at stream - of - conciousness blog. And I ain't using no spell check!! No way...from finger tapping to your eyes. Oh yeah!

Lonely a little I guess. House is emptly. T, the dog, is here, but he's chillin, no activity. Thinking of getting a movie on On Demand. "the upside of anger" Kinda a chick flick so a good choice of solo night viewing.

Hmmm. wish I was feeling a little more articulate and witty...not so much.

So internet. tell me hi.. tell me anything. YOU GUYS ROCK.

Cheers ( I am raising my glass of Blackstone Merlot to you!!!)


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