Saturday, June 09, 2007

I slept, therefore I longer bitchy.

Things are a little better over here. Boy, that was a rough night, and therefore, following day as well. The teething is still happening, but it seems that the little buggers are worn out from the effort and only causing Sam mild discomfort for now. I'm sure it's just a lull in the action until they break through, but just having a lull is reassuring.

So we've moved! I mentioned that before, but haven't been in much mood to get into the details. I've been blogging from my old lap top because we still have yet to set up the "office" with the computer and such. This is also the reason why deluge of Sam photos has seemingly dried up. I have a few good ones in the camera, but can't get them off until the Mac is all plugged in and hummin' along. My mother is beside herself. Not only do I provide regular photo arrays of her only grandchild, but once a week we do a teleconference over iChat. That hasn't happened for two weekends in a row. Grandma ain't happy.

So the new place is awesome. I absolutely love it! It's a little small, but that means less to keep clean. When we first moved in I basked in the glow that is "no dog hair", but that has been dulled by the big brown monster, currently in full molt. Sam is getting use out of his nursery, something I can't say of the old place. It was upstairs! I couldn't be expected to go upstairs! But now, it's 10 feet from...well, pretty much anywhere in the house. Vurtues of a little box.

The best part of the place is the yard. We have a yard! With nice grass that hasn't been burned by dog pee! I'm not sure how we're going to keep that from happening, but in the meantime, it's really green and fresh. Sam and I spent and hour out there on a blanket this afternoon. Bliss.

Pictures to follow...eventually.

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