Monday, February 26, 2007

My first mommy melt down

Things are absolutely crazy around here. The list of shit I need to do grows longer by the day. I had a little episode this morning after FINALLY getting to the Post Office only to find a letter from the IRS saying we owe them money from 2004. We paid our taxes, but apparently I didn't carry the one or something. Good reason why I need to find someone to do our taxes for this year. And Jay's car needs $800 worth of repairs...oh, and we're buying a house which requires us to empty our bank account, not to mention run around crazy to compile and copy and fax a shitload of personal financial information. Oh! and our tenant in the house in Northampton is not renewing her lease, so we have to find someone else to rent it...from Burlington. And my house still sounds like it's going to explode everytime the furnace fires. AAAAaaaargh.

I can't stand being stuck inside all day. I need warm weather just so I can get away from the disaster that is our house. Every available surface has folded baby clothes, um, unfolded mommy clothes, dog hair, dirty dishes, bags of trash waiting to be taken out, piles of mail, half written thank you cards, scarves, coats, boots on it.

Sam is on nap strike so I can't get to any of it. And honestly, if he did take a nap, I think I would curl up on the couch and sleep until spring.

On a positive note, Sam is finally sleeping in 4 hour stretches at night...sometimes. Still not long enough to fix my short term memory issues, but we're headed in the right direction.


Tina said...

Sounds like you are in the same boat as I am. I have an infant that won't sleep! I have tried everything, changing his diaper, changing his baby clothes, feeding etc. If he doesn't sleep I dont sleep! And, the poor house is falling apart and so am I!

amy. said...

Tell J to pick up the slack! He can do dishes and sweep dog hair and fold clothes! I know he is busy with work and whatnot, but his job isn't 24 hours a day like yours. Pick it up, J! My house is just now getting back under control and Henry is almost 4, lol. Can you take Sam to a matinee for a little escape during the day? They probably won't have many people to bug in there during the week and if Sam gets fussy you can always whip out the boob. I feel you mama, (in my opinion) it only gets easier from here.

nacho said...

Thanks mamas!

Oh J is pulling his weight on the house front...he's the dishwasher in the house so I can't really complain about that. And most of the mess is mine or Sams. I put myself in this boat...since I'm not working I volunteered to take care of the mortage stuff and be the "house manager" of sorts...there is just NO TIME to do anything. And while I sit there with Sam all I think about is all the crap I need to try to do once he falls asleep. Not exactly relaxing.

Oh, the IRS lady hung up on me when I called. I wasn't exactly in good spirits after being on hold for a half hour...Sam was asleep when I dialed, but by the time she answered, he was screaming.

Doing much better today :-) Sam is napping! Taking a break from mortage paperwork. J is coming home at lunch so I can finish that up! Yay! something to cross off my list

amy. said...

Good, I'm glad to hear my big bro is kicking in like he should. :)

I know everyone says that you should enjoy this time and they are only a baby for a short time, blah, blah.. and while that is true, that stage was my most difficult. Each stage brings its own challenges, but that is the only one where you are being sucked dry (literally) in ever direction and get such a minute amount of anything in return. And never ever forget that you ARE working, you're just not getting paid for it ;)

rocker said...

the best thing to do when having a day like this is to vent like you did. That is the beauty of blogs now. It feels so much better to get it off your chest and to learn others are having or have had similar days. Hang in there. It does get better. Ok I may be fibbing a tiny bit :)