Thursday, March 01, 2007


I'm doing much better. I've started a list and this seems to calm my nerves a little bit. There is something about seeing all the chaos I'm supposed to tackle neatly organized on a piece of paper. Due to my interuppted sleep patterns, my memory has been shot. I was stressed and would then have to think about why. It was like I knew I was stressed, I could feel my stress, but my brain could not recall all the reasons why, which was stressing me out even more. Stressing about not being able to remember what I'm stressed about... reminds me of a particularly bad mushroom trip I had in college. Anyway, now I just have to look at my list and be reminded of why I feel overwhelmed. Ironically calming.

I think I'm going to kill the dog. Due to the 3 feet of snow, his normal poop and pee area has been inaccessible. Therefore, he has been enjoying little jaunts to a snow free zone. As a result, he wants to go out constantly. It is increasingly difficult to tell whether he actually has to go out, or merely wants to go sniff the public toilet of the neighborhood dogs. We need some snow soon, just to cover all the yellow, ick. Also, Sam has become sensitive to his barks. What used to be a deep coma of sleep is now a light nap which Tubbs can, and does, shatter. Everyday.
And my response? To yell at the dog. Smart.

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