Monday, March 05, 2007

Cranky has never been so cute.

Yesterday J, Sam and I had a little get together with some folks from our birthing class. Only 3 couples showed up, but they are the people I connected with the most, so that was ok. All boys were born from these duos so it was Jack, Lucas, and Sam. I must say, Sam beats the other two in size and, of course, cuteness. Perhaps I'm biased.

Because these social soirees are few and far between there is much fretting over fashion choices. Not for me (I still wear pajamas everywhere I go) but for Sam. I look for the perfect mix of cute, hip and unpretentiousness. (Note: I have found that some of the awesome little man outfits I coveted before he was born, or even still in the stores, make him look like a little snobby yuppy when dressed. I guess babies weren't meant to wear sweater vests.) So this was the perfect opportunity for the Crankypants, lovingly knitted by Aunt Amy, to make their debut! Not only was Sam rockin' the Hokie colors, but the soft wool provides the perfect cozy warmth over his legs that are open to the elements in the Bjorn. They were a hit with the other mama's too. (pay no attention to the horribly sewn up orange booties...those are a mama creation).

LOVE them...I need to order some since Sam is growing like a weed. Too bad Aunt Amy is inundated with orders. Yo Amy, we should talk soon. I'll make it worth your while!


amy. said...

Oh, you know I'll always have time to whip up some longies for Sam! He looks so big and adorable! I can't wait to see you guys this summer. We'll have to hammer out a date sometime soon so I can look forward to it.

I heard J is going to Thailand soon. Either he is taking a whole extra carry on for frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts or he is going to be starving when he gets home ;)

KL said...

His gameplan is granola bars...lots of granola bars.