Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My boobs are flying!

I'm busy packing for my trip tomorrow. I'm headed to DC for Mrs. T's baby shower!! I can't wait...I get to see Pdiddy too. I'm guessing that Mrs. T will be too busy to check this blog, so...

I knit the baby girl a hat. And some mittens. But then, I thought, hell, she won't be born until April, what will she need with some mittens? So then I knitted some more, some smaller ones. So they can be "Scratchers mitts." Hopefully will some in usefull to keep the little angle from scratching up her face? And the hat? The pattern says up to six months, so I hope it will still fit come October when a hat may be needed. If not...well, maybe she knows someone else who can use them.

It's funny because as I received many gifts I was always surprised at their timing. I got a xams outfit for a 9 month old? Um, Sam was born in, um, he'll never wear it. I also got alot of short sleeved onsies for 3 month olds. We live in Vermont. They haven't seen the light of day. So then I knit a wool hat for a baby to be born in April. Oh well, me not so smart.

Tomorrow we get on a plane. I'll be that mother that all the other people waiting to board will be looking at wondering "is that baby going to cry the whole time." and "God, I hope they aren't sitting near me." I pray Sam will be in a good mood. He isn't a fan of sitting in one spot, so I'm a little concerned. I have two toys packed in my carry-on that seem to entertain him. And then there is always the secret weapon of "Old McDonald", he loves that shit. I figure people would rather listen to me sing than him scream. Ditto for the boob. Of course we're flying out of Burlington, where this happened. Of course it caused such a hub bub, they'll probably smile and fawn over us. Boobs? We love boobs! We are a boob friendly airline!

So here is to hoping it all goes well. I'll be sure to let you know.


amy. said...

Are you home? How did it go? I can't wait to read all about it.

kl said...

I'm here...just wiped out a little. Spoiled from not having Sam on me at all times. Getting used to not peeing by myself anymore :-)