Friday, March 16, 2007

Back from Grandmas

I spent a lot of time fretting over what to do if Sam decided not to be happy on the plane. I had toys, pacifiers and a carefully chosen song repertoire. Luckily, none of it was needed. In his standard form of “showing off for strangers” he slept the entire time. Yes, lady sitting behind me, I do have the most marvelous baby! Of course she didn’t know about the poop explosion 20 minutes before boarding (um, NO CHANGING TABLES in the airport bathroom? Do they want poopy babies on the plane?). And the scream fest on the drive home from the airport (he woke up in the carseat and was starving). My father probably didn’t realize Old McDonald had owls on his farm, but when you run out of barnyard animals you have to improvise.

The trip was great. Grandma and Grandpa had lots of quality time with Sam…especially Grandma. I took complete advantage…eating when I want, going to the bathroom when I want, and even showering on a whim! Heaven.

I even got to go hang out and have lunch with Mrs. T and Pdiddy the day after the shower. And I had a Margarita! Which made me tipsy…. The shower was beautiful, by the way. Mrs. T got loads of stuff. The next day I got the see the nursery and the drawers of already acquired and hand-me-down baby clothes. I don’t think she’ll ever have to do laundry. And if they decide to just have one, she can put the girl through college reselling all the stuff on ebay.

It was so great to see my girls. It always makes me happy, but then it makes me sad. Everyone seems so far away. Luckily Mrs. T lives near my folks, so there is always a trip in the future, but Pdiddy is on the other side of the country. But Sam got some precious time with Auntie P...

and his first photo with his betrothed...she's currrently in utero. Oh, and Aunt Jess (aka Mrs. T...or should I say Mama T).

Yes, I plan to push Sam towards the new little angel to be born this April. Which, of course, will garauntee that they want nothing to do with one another. Sam met another prospect...little Anna. Though by the look on his face, he seems a little weary

So maybe they'll just be friends. Then again, Sam may not like girls at all. We'll have to see how that shakes out. I'm in no hurry. Maybe we'll be one of those creepy mom and son teams that live together and fight over the bath pillow

ok, maybe not.


Katy said...

that last photo is the cutest ever! i love looking at pictures of sam.

rockergirrl said...

glad to hear the trip went well. We took enzo to Alaska when he was three months old. I was so nervous. 12 hours of flying and three planes each way and he slept the entire way. Let's get together soon.

amy. said...

In that picture with Anna, Sam's face looks exactly like J's would if you set down a big plate of fish in front of him. Too cute.