Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sleep is for suckers

Perhaps I will make some onsies with this tagline. Other contenders are "I'm here for the Mommy show"and "Sing, woman, sing!" or "Don't even THINK about putting me down." I will be a millionare, no?

Oh, am I jaded already? Perhaps it's hanging out with moms whose babies are sleeping "oh, 6 to 7 hours, then she wakes up every 2." Is not good for my mama self-esteem. At least not when your baby wakes up every HOUR AND A HALF! "It's just a phase" some say. "Probably going through a growth spurt." Well, you may remember when I wrote of 4 hour stretches. Considering that only lasted 3 days, that was the phase. And we are out of it...for sure.

The main problem we are having is that Sam can now roll over. You may think this would be a cause for celebration. Which, at first, it was. It was so cute to see him kick that leg over and flop down on his tummy.

But once he gets over, he can't get back to his back. Which pisses him off. Alot.

He does this in the middle of the night. Like, oh, every HOUR AND A HALF.

J is an angel to put up with the current version of me. The version that gets no sleep. I am not as nice as I used to be. He lets me sleep in on the weekends, not only because he loves me, but I think to try and reestablish the sweeter version of me. So far, I don't think it's working.

Sam also was going through a very fussy phase while J was gone. Perhaps he missed his Daddy? Who knows. But I was about ready to cry. Sam could not be happy. Not at all. Maybe for 20 minutes. But that was it. Luckily, that ended. He still gets fussy, afterall he is a baby, but in more managable stretches.

End of the vent. Sam, is, of course the coolest thing ever. He sure is cute. And he really giggles now which is just awesome. He's getting a little grabby, which you would think would be bad, but actually I love having him reach out for me. He's all smiles in the morning and is mesmorized by Tubbs. He likes spitting raspberries and shoving his fist in his mouth. He has begun to appreciate toys and enjoys touching different materials. His favorite of both right now is Fredward.

We closed on our house! So we are now owners of two houses. Donald Trump look out! Scary. Now we are crunching numbers to see if we can afford to turn our new ugly little box into a not-so-ugly little box. Not looking good. But I am super excited about the neighborhood. I met a bunch of the neighbors this weekend and everyone was super cool. Lots of young families. We even have another Hokie in the hood! woo hoo!

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