Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sam, the Circus Strong Man!

Drawing on a 10 month olds face? Um, not so easy. And I was afraid it might be hard to get him to carry his dumbell, but he ended up loving it.

He loved it so much, he tried to eat it.

So mama took it away. This did not go over very well.

Even strong men have feelings.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


amy. said...

Sweet Jeebus, but that is a cute kid. That costume kicks ass, too. Do you mind if I brag about my adorable nephew on my blog?

KL said...

No, not at all. Please do! It makes me swoon with pride...and helps me overlook the new rather not cute scratching at my chest when he wants to nurse.

He drew blood.

Anonymous said...

Adorable costume! How did you make it?