Thursday, November 29, 2007

nap post

why is it that, when I decide to nap, Sam only sleeps for 20 minutes. But when I have boring crap to do, like move the carseat back to my car, steam carrots, and laundry...he sleeps for an hour and a half?! ***grumble, grumble....yawn***

Well, at least I have some time to sit down and think about Christmas presents. As usual, I'm at a lost for most of the people on my list. I'm in a bit of a crunch because we are headed down to J's folks next weekend to celebrate early. Luckily, J usually takes the reigns and buys for his family. J's sis, Amy, has taken a pledge to only give Handmade presents and requests that others do the same for her. Super cool idea, but then there is so much "taste" involved...what if what I think is cool, she thinks is hideous. Well, I guess that's the gamble you take. I think I may do the same next year! It sure makes shopping more fun. Etsy hasn't seen so much of me since I was looking for felted baby blocks. Which there weren't hey! don't steal my idea. I'm going to sew them out of old sweaters. Um,well, maybe after I finish screen printing my tshirt ideas and tweaking my children's book plots.

So, basically, never.

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