Sunday, April 09, 2006

Quote of the Week #10 (I hate moving)

I'm am frazzeled people. So I don't have time for this crap. And to top it off, I picked a freakin' LIVEJOURNAL user as the winner last week. What was I thinking?!Therefore I did not contact the winner from last week, and therefore, I do not have a word for this week.

So I'm making this shit up right this second.

I will pick a theme and see what comes up...and that is it. Good or bad, we'll see what turns up. And that theme is:


Time to do some searching etc, list making. God, I hate moving.

First, I hate moving and second, I hate moving.

UGGGHH!! I hate moving!!! I have a nice mountain growing.

I hate moving. I like to stay in one place and be settled and get everything the way I like. ... I hate moving! I feel like I've been screwed. If God really wanted me to be here why is he having me move again so soon.

I hate moving! Packing usually gives me a migraine, but fortunately this time I had a very we say DISTRACTION...mmm...Irishman...tasty...

I hate moving my stuff from one house to another, i hate i hate i hate

I hate, I mean beyond hate, loathe, despise, moving! Hate it! And I hate moving with someone that doesn't move like I like to move.

Purely for her ability to turn it around and be positive (and because everyone else is myspace or lj) I give you:


I hate moving. I'm covered in bruises and my muscles are sore (even my forearms which is a very odd feeling). However, we're starting to get settled and our place is really cute!

Honorable Mention

moving sucks. bigtime. ...

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