Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Volvos are so punk rock

Boy, reading my last post I kinda sound like a bitch. Well, I guess I was a little fed up at that point. I have a feeling the Quote of the Week is going to fall by the wayside. I'm a little overwhelmed. I am up to my eyeballs in bank statements and IRA printouts. I am slowly going through about 4 years worth of paper that banks, governments and various financial institutions are nice enough to send us to let us know what is happening, and we are nice enough to ignore and put in a pile. Well, that pile ain't moving with us! So I have visited the office supply store and gotten some folders and paper clips...look out, Nacho's gettin' orgaznized!

Oh! and I almost forgot to tell you...guess who I saw coming out of the Office Supply store? Well, those of you who know where I live, probably know I live in the same town as a couple famous folks. Well, one couple of famous folks in particular. Well as I stepped out of my super yuppy Volvo station wagon, out of the glass door walksThurston Moore. And where is he going? To his own same year, same model Volvo station wagon (only white, mine is blue/green). Ha! I feel so much better about my mom-mobile knowing hipster rockers like Thurston Moore are driving the same.

I've seen Thurston at the grocery store, post office, airport (with wife Kim Gordon) and now Whalen's Office Supply. When we first moved here I said we would all become best friends. You know, dinner parties, Coco's birthday picnics, exchanging recipes for spicy Thai dishes. Sigh. Now I guess I'm off to befriend Trey Anastasio...some hipsters may not approve, but works for me. Or perhaps these dudes need a 4th for golf. I'm sure J can make time.


Mrs. T said...

Seriously - Trey lives there? I have to admit, I did have to look up Thurston - wasn't he on the Simpson's too?

Katy said...

It happened! Bucky is gone!! I got to watch this week and now all I need for happiness in the world is for Ace to go next week.

nacho said...

Hi Katy -

I must admit I had to click to your blog to figure out what you are talking about. I am a reality TV addict, but my reality TV is with Bucky from Big Brother and Ace from the Real World. I have managed to not get sucked into American Idol...i have this weird thing where I get embarassed for people when they act cheesy and have to turn away.

Hi mrs. T!

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

In your quest for organization prior to the move....BUY A PAPER SHREDDER. I have met three people already here who have had their identities stolen from someone getting their birthdates from their mail. I'm talking Bob's Big Boy Birthday Club postcards and shit.

KLontheDL said...

Too late...but I bagged everything and it's in a dumpster - buried under lots of crap. Hopefully that will be ok.

Oh no, now I'm paranoid. I guess I can hope that Western Mass doesn't have the same criminal element as Vegas.