Monday, April 23, 2007

We are coming off of a great weekend. We had a really good visit with friends. It was so nice to get away from the news and get outside. We had the first really warm weather of the year and spent a big chunk of the day Saturday outside by the water.

Here is little Rosa...oh so cute. She loved Sam, it was so adorable as she reached out to give him gentle pats. I've never seen a kid so jazzed about stuff! So much fun.

Well, she looks a little serious in that picture. The majority of the time she's bouncing with excitement. Hmm, I didn't take nearly enough photos.

Sam had a kinda rough time this weekend. He is getting his first tooth! You can feel it with your finger. He's not enjoying this milestone, and I must admit neither am I. Not only is he in pain, but he's growing too fast. He's wearing 6-9 month old clothes already. I'm trying to cherise all the baby time I can, but it's going by awfully fast.

One bonus is that he is starting to fit into some cool digs we've been waiting to wear.

In sleeping news, we got a positioner which seems to be working great! No more flipping over and having a fit. At first it made him mad, but now he settles right in...and actually falls asleep quicker. Yay! Don't worry, he still gets plenty of tummy time, but no longer at the expense of sleep.

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amy. said...

Ah! That shirt looks so cute on him! Little man has the most beautiful eyes! And Rosa is beautiful. I'm glad you had a good weekend after all this madness.