Thursday, October 27, 2005

It makes noise when I blink

ugh, hangover. Not a horrible one, but enough to make me wish I could have stayed in bed another couple hours.

Last night I went to my knitting group, which unfortunately just consisted of me. I proceeded to drink 4 glasses of wine (perhaps 5) and talk the poor bartenders ear off. Though I’m sure my astute observations of New England culture and explanations of ovulation fascinated him, I have a feeling he was just humoring me in order to get a big tip. Which he did, because I’m so nice. Especially when I’m drunk!

Oh, and Oprah had the guy that wrote A Million Little Pieces on, not some crazy dude. The show previews where slightly misleading. It was pretty interesting. Made me want to read the book. Part of me wants to resist though. I don't like to feed the Oprah ego too much. She just whispers the name of a book and it becomes a best seller. Should she have that much power? Hmmm. Maybe I can find it at a used book store.


That Girl said...

I love the fact that you can end up with a hangover after knitting group. Tonight is Halloween AND the Steelers game . . . I was told to expect about 50 kids. The guys are cooking out and I will be sipping wine and handing out candy - complete with a CD of scary sounds echoing in the background. Be prepared for a call from me reminding you of my sincere hate of the Ravens.

KL said...

Hey there found me!! It is Wednesday so I know your beloved steelers pulled it off in the end.