Tuesday, November 22, 2005

And Don't Touch My Stapler!

Just completed the mad dash to get as much stuff done as possible before I take off. Not working is almost as stressful as working! Ok, not really, but the thought of people riffling through my stuff makes me anxious. On the spectrum of organization I am at my most anal the day before vacation. All my random piles of crap and thumb tacked reminders are sorted and stacked to perfection. Anything that I know is an open issue it right there, in a file, in the middle of my desk, to insure no snoopy coworkers will discover what a lazy slob and procrastinator I am. Truly I am not (much), but I feel any slightly overdue action or evidence that I may not be RIGHT on top of everything is like the cigarrettes stashed under my mattress in high school. No mom, don’t put my clothes away! I’ll do it. Yes, I like laundry, just STAY OUT OF MY ROOM.

Yes, I’m organized, no need to touch anything, anything you need is right there…DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING. And what ever you do, do NOT OPEN MY DESK DRAWER! Nothing to see in there.

Ok, so I can’t quite take that attitude here at work, but I sure can try and head them off. Which I think I have…for the most part. I think. ugh.


Cattiva said...

Hope you had a terrific turkey day!

nacho said...

Thanks! You too...well, I hope you did already, I mean.