Saturday, November 19, 2005

Take your tie and shove it!

I am sitting here at 11pm Saturday night and all I have to say is....Woooohoooooooo! Go Hokies!

Yep, we sure did kick their butts. And in their house. Oh yeah.

The highlight was when they were showing the mad dash by the UVA kids for seats at the beginning at there were (of course) dudes in ties and the announcer said

"Hey, that kids wearing a tie! Why would you wear a tie to a football game? People don't wear ties to football games(laughing) I mean, unless you're a sportscaster?"

Yes, we in Virginia know all about the delusional Ivy League wannabes. Thomas Jefferson blah, blah, blah.

AND...Georgia Tech just beat Miami! Wow.

AND...USC is only beating Fresno by 7 and Fresno is getting ready to score.

Holy crap. What a Saturday. If only Michigan State coulda beat Penn State. And Michigan coulda beat Ohio State. Oh can't have everything.


Hokie Explorer said...

Its too bad Fresno couldn't pull it out against USC. We could have had a BCS meltdown with 6 1-loss teams. I had to watch Sports Center until like 0100 just to see the Hokie highlights. But its ok, watching GT beat Miami was arousingly exciting :-D

People are going to be sad they didn't get UNC tickets when they had a chance.

nacho said...

I KNOW! That game was amazing. Poor Fresno, they had it!

The UNC game will be good, but teams like this always scare me. Makes me think of Temple...or NC State. And hopefully our fellow Virginia's will be able to get some work done against Miami.

That Girl said...

That was so funny – I was cracking up at that kid. Sorry I didn’t call – D and I ran a 5K at 4:00 on Saturday afternoon so I had to leave during the third quarter. That was my first Tech game beer-free – although we did take a few Tooters (Alabama slammers in test tube bottles)!

nacho said...

Go Mrs. Turicchi!

it sucks when life conflicts with Hokie watchin'. If we manage to make it to the ACC finals, I have my company xmas party the same