Thursday, January 26, 2006

At Starbucks, I just point at the cup.

J: Do you want a lot of onions, or a little onion?

Nacho: A little onion.

J: Very little?

Nacho: How much is 'very' little?

J: Well, you don’t want a lot, right?

Nacho: No, but I want some.

J: Ok, so a little.

Nacho: Yes, but some.

J: Not a lot.

Nacho: No

J: Ok, just trying to be clear.


Hänni said...


PS am thinking about the blog fright thing...

Whatever we use it needs to be a "b" word

like "bfright"

nacho said...

What, you don't like Scardy Snark?

I checked a thesaurus and there aren't as many words for 'fear' as you would think...and none seem good for blogification.

Ohhhh! how about Blogified (like terrified?)

Matt said...

My favorite conversation with J:

M: Are you going to come by the party later?

J: Yeah, probably.

M: Probably?

J: Yeah. Probably.

M: By probably, you mean no, right?

J: Well, yeah.

M: So if there was a chance you would come by, what would you say?

J: Maybe?

nacho said...

Hey, maybe if we rank on J enough he'll come out of the shadows.

N: So what time are we going?

J: When did we decide that we are going?

N: When I told you, you said 'sounds good'

J: That doesn't mean yes.

N: What does it mean?

J: It means it sounds good. But not that I want to go.

N: Oh.

I love you J. And by that, I mean I love you. :-) *Scardy Snark*

amy. said...

You guys are cracking me up. I can't wait to see you and J (Henry's new favorite letter, btw) in a month and change.


(That was Henry saying hi. It may look random, but every one of those letters and numbers was picked out meticulously using a very scientific method. I am not privy to the inner mechanizations of said method, but it involved waggling a finger over the letter and saying "the 'r' one" or "the 't' one" (etc.). Then when the button was pushed, looking up at the screen and amazedly exclaiming "a 'r'! a 't'!" (etc). I am confident that if another 2 year old at your house read this message it would read something like "grab the cookies and run" or "she has a stash of M&Ms in the bottom drawer"...

amy. said...

Oh, and, not to be a total pain in the ass, but-do you want scardy snark to be like scaredy cat? You need that 'e' in there, or it will rhyme with card instead of care. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. It is my version of the shower curtain rings touching the wall. You know I couldn't grow up in that house and be completely neurosis free, lol.

nacho said...

I didn't know you were coming soon! Yay!

Oh, and Henry

slcopwiem392jd0!! Mom will never know.

amy. said...

Well...In the middle of March, but I tend to underestimate when I talk about how long till I go home.


If only it didn't suck ass 6 months out of the year we'd be SO there...