Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Are you wearing your safety glasses? No? I don't care, yay!

I know you're worried. Everyone is. It is the single most frequent question I have been asked since giving my 2 weeks notice.

What is going to happen to the Safety Committee?

I was volunteered (by all the other people that didn't want to do it) to co-chair this committee. Our first meeting was last week. This particular entity has not existed for 5 years. The company president made a big brew-ha-ha about it after someone fell off a ladder. So, poof! now there is a Safety Committee.

So, it is our job to take all the old safety – policy – equipment – earplug - stuff and update it. Fun! I am the only one on the committee with a computer. So who gets to do all the work? Me. Agendas, minutes, recommendations, telephone calls, purchasing, employee manuals…OSHA, OSHA, OSHA!

Um, Gesundheit.

But no more. No more, I tell you! This compulsory membership that forces me to pretend to care about people lifting with their legs and not their backs will soon be over.

Three weeks, my friends. Three weeks.


Katy said...

do you get a red hat to wear as the chair of the committee? i feel like you should have a red trucker hat to wear around work.

Mrs. T said...

I'm with Katy - not only because I like the red hat idea - but because she cares very deeply for the Steelers! The mother f*ckin Steelers! Wooooohooooooooo - man, my morning just got like 5 times better.

nacho said...

What the hell are you talking about Mrs. T ? did the steelers just change their colors to red. You confuse me.

But Hi anyway!

Hi to you too Katy! And no, I don't wear a hat, but I have a really big binder.

That Girl said...

Well, you see. It really has less to do with a red hat and more to do to with the fact that it is only March and while some minds turn towards baskbetball and baseball, I am still celebrating the STEELERS! And Katy appreciates the Steelers (as mentioned in her profile) so I was only trying to share in the Steeler love. Sheeesh :-) Oh, and I had already had too much coffee.

nacho said...

Ooooooh. I didn't look at her profile. so your 'that girl' now, huh?

I am calling you tonight...:-)

That Girl said...

CRAP - I am having an identity crisis! :-)

Alright - I'll stop and get some wine after work and anxiously await your call!

P-Diddy in Sin City said...

I just pictured you in a helmet and a safety harness and thought of that Mike Meyers skit on SNL when he played the hyperactive child that had to be tethered to the monkey bars and have been laughing ever since.