Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Triangle Man hates correct spelling

I'm being held hostage by poop.

Sam hasn't had a movement since Monday morning. Therefore, I am terrified to leave the house. Because as soon as I do, it will happen. And whenever he goes this long, it's quite the event. Requiring an IMMEDIATE diaper change, unless I want poo leakage all over everything. Which, I think we can all agree, I don't.

Right now he's sleeping, so I've been putzing around on the internet. I spent a little time going back and reading some of my blog of past. I've realized I've gotten very boring...you know, all this talk of poop. I've decided I'm going to try and keep it to a minimum. Or at least, make it interesting. If that is possible.

Another reason I am in love with my new neighborhood? We have been invited to the neighbors Cinco de Miao party! (I don't know if that is spelled right, and I'm not going to check...a running theme in these parts...so is using the wrong YOUR or YOU'RE...I know the difference, I just type phoenetically...that's not right either...see, I said I don't care). We can't go though, which sucks. But for a fun reason. We're going to go see They Might Be Giants! My inner high school dork needs some attention. So I'll be bopping around Saturday night screaming about Triangle Man beating up Person Man! And if I'm really lucky, singing along to one of my favorite songs ever, She's an Angel. (or Angle? argh..the kind with wings, not the kind that make up Triangles).

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