Monday, August 20, 2007

Guilt tripping at TJ Maxx

I spent the morning rearranging the furniture and now I am eagerly awaiting J to come for lunch and check it out. He can be very particular about such things. I think I have an ok sense of design and style, however since Sam arrived, I'm a little more function over fashion these days. Moving the table has opened up a large area for Sam to play. I know J is going to say it's crowded and cluttered in the area I moved it to, but that space was just dead space anyway so...I hope he likes it. I'd really like to keep it the way it is now.

Perhaps I am feeling a little over confident that this new arrangement will fly after my victory yesterday? We got a new rug! I've been whining pretty consistantly about how we needed a rug in the family room to cushion Sams noggin when he topples over and takes a header. And like I said, J can be very particular about these kinda things. He doesn't just dislike something, he "HATES" it. He's the king of hyperbole when it comes to getting what he wants. "That is the most henious thing I've ever seen!", no I don't think that blue carpet is the "most henious thing" you've ever worked at WalMart in High School remember?

But J likes what he likes, and don't we all. It's just that his tastes tend to run extremely specific, and expensive. So yesterday I nearly broke down in tears when we argued about buying a $130 rug. 8x5 for $130 is pretty good. AND it was super cush. And after looking at a bajillion rugs online, J still hadn't found any he liked and the few that were ok were $600...which is just crazy. I knew this was our best chance so I explained how "Sam needs it", you know, so he doesn't knock out those new teeth or before he gets brain damage. So J conceded to get the rug that was lowest on the list of most henious things he's ever seen.

Mama and Sam's teeth are happy!

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amy. said...

Cutest. Picture. Ever! Teeth! He looks so much older than when we saw him and that was like...5 minutes ago!