Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Keep it in park...

The past week Sam has been taking his new mobility for a test drive. Sometimes I wish he would just keep it in the garage. Because with any new vehicle, as you embark into the world...there will be dings. And he's gotten a few.

We've drawn first blood. Tooth and lip have met, and they aren't friends. It wasn't all that traumatic, but I realize it's the first of many. Especially since this kid cannot sit still...even for a second. He is cruising around, pulling up and taking steps he has no business taking.

He just lets go. Oh, he can't walk or anything, but he doesn't seem to know that. He turns, sees something and goes for it...and BAM! Thank god we have a new rug to cushion the repeated tumbles and trips. And he gets himself into the most precarious positions. He doesn't quite have the strength to balance, but I guess it's all a building process.

Sam's will has made an appearance too. He's starting to get touchy when you take something away, or don't let him go where he wants to go. And I know people always say this, but it's the things that he can't have that he wants the most. Like the remote...

No baby, the remote isn't a toy...

Yikes! That really isn't much of an issue anymore since one of our remotes broke. We took out the batteries and now he sits, content, gumming...oh wait, excuse me, biting the buttons. I was hoping that once he got it, he would lose interest, but no. The fancy, colorful soft toys cannot compare. And a close second?

my flip flop.

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