Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I just dropped of J at the airport. He's gone to San Diego for a week for a tradeshow. So it's just me and the Ding Dong (oh, and Tubbs) holding down the fort. Should be exhausting.

Not to bore people with more talk of Sam's inability to sleep...but Sam can't seem to sleep. Last night was pretty bad.

7pm Asleep
7:15 Awake and crying
7:30 Back asleep (after a cajillion Old MacDonalds and some back patting)
7:45 Awake and crying
8:15 Back asleep (after a half hour!! of crying while I pat and sing...argh)
11pm Awake and crying
11:06 Back asleep with Daddy magic
2:15 Awake and crying

3:30 Back asleep.That's right, and HOUR AND 15minutes later. This stretch was punctuated with a few psychs. He would be asleep, but wake up screaming just as I am pulling back the covers to get back in bed. There was lots of nursing, lots of singing, lots of back patting.

4:30 Awake, nursed back to sleep pretty quick
5:45 Good Morning!

Yay! I'm a crabby, tired mess! And the Daddy Magic just got on a plane to the west coast. Last night was pretty crappy, even for Sam. He's usually not that hard to get back to sleep...and the little 15 minute naps were weird. I'm pretty sure we have some molars moving around. There was quite a bit of finger sucking. He wasn't completely wailing like he did with the last teeth, but I think it's safe to say he was uncomfortable. At least I hope that's it. It's always nice when there's a "reason."

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