Monday, January 21, 2008

Hold on to your sippy....

I come to you not vomiting. Not even queasy. This is a change. No, I'm not pregnant (though i thought I might be.)

It all began Wednesday afternoon when I started feeling a little icky. No fever or anything, just some nausea. I quickly blamed it on the plate of nachos I had for lunch (will I never learn!?). Though they were of the "Flour Tortilla" variety, those things still have corn meal in them, so other corn wary people beware! I can eat them sometimes, but they still cause me some trouble now and then.

ANYWAY, as the day wore on, I felt worse and worse. After putting Sam to bed I laid on the couch, moaning, and seriously wondering if this might be some early onset morning sickness. I mean, if I was pregnant, I was like 2 weeks pregnant. Even though I know there was no measurable pregnancy hormone swimming around in my pee, I took a pregnancy test. Negative. But since I knew it wouldn't work anyway, I still thought I was pregnant. I know.

Well, to make a long story short, Sam threw up later that night, and so did I...a lot. So we were pretty confident we were both playing host to the same little nasty stomach bug that has been ripping through the daycare scene. Our best guess is that the little girl I watch on Tuesday's brought it with her. And the sippy cup no knows master so...Well, J was a dream and took pukey baby while mama barfed. He even stayed home the next day to watch the fully recovered Sam while mama still blanched at the thought of food.

And as any good deed goes unpunished, J quickly began puking himself.

J is finally back to normal. The worst of it only lasted 24 hours, but the queasiness lingered. It was quite the nasty bug.

And in silver lining news, I was sure this would result in losing those last 2 pesky pounds I gained over the holidays. You know, since i didn't ingest anything for 2 days? You would think that right? Well, you're wrong. Argh.

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