Thursday, August 04, 2005

Amber Alert - Hairy Guy with Visible Ass Crack

Will someone please tell me where the hell the electricians are!??

J and I are in the middle of a semi-major home renovation. Basically, the entire upstairs of our house is ripped to shit. The new walls are framed in all their "wannabe walls but only provide the slightest suggestion of walls" glory. The plumbers have got all their tubes running up and down and sideways and through the roof.

We are ready for your magical wire wizardry Master Electrician. We are tired of having no overhead lights downstairs, where we have been sequestered during this messy, noisy and now DARK time. WHERE ARE YOU?

The biggest concern I have is not actually the lack of light eminating from my ceiling. It's the schedule. You see, J and I pinched every penny we could to make this renovation happen. As part of that whole juggling act we decided that we will do all the painting. Not particularly confident in our abilities, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway, they told us the most likely week we will need to paint is 8/15. This is good since J is leaving on business for 5 days the following week. Well, if this lack of electrician situation causes delays then I will be slaving away in the 1000 degree heat painting 10 foot high ceilings while J is on a golf course in Orlando. Needless to say, I will be pissed. I'm not even sure one person can get the job done?

In the end, if this is the only thing that goes wrong I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky. I've heard some nightmares. I actually work at a General I've heard and seen some good ones. Hmmmmm...good blog fodder perhaps?

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