Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Other Old Man

I forgot to mention that the knock at the door the other day lead to what has become known at our house as "cat noises." This is when our beloved dog "T"digresses into a crazed and uncontrollable seizure of whines and howls that sounds like someone is slicing open his padded feet with a utility knife. He is beside himself. Insane. Nothing can be done. We usually resort to dragging him to the bathroom and securly shutting the door. And even then the wails continue. As well as a body slam or two. We call this "cat noises" because this behavior is usually coupled with a cat sighting. Though it seems that lately he feels as though the UPS truck (they don't have to stop either, just drive by), Pizza Guy and now, The Mailman derserve the same response.

T is getting older. He is now 8. When he was younger, everyone agreed he was a spaz. As he has aged, however, T has settled into a less spastic, more gregarious demeanor. He still goes ape shit when you first walk through the door (especially if you're not me. For some reason Mommy is not as interesting as everyone else!), however his antics only last a few minutes. Once hellos have been exchanged and he has whipped you upside the leg with his enourmous tail a few times, he plops down on the floor and ignores you. He is happily becoming a "floor dog." Something I wished of him for many years, but only recently accomplished.

T says hi by the way. He's passed out on the couch - making a nice wet mark where his nose juice is dripping on the upholstry. I suppose this does not support my "floor dog" theory.

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Dan said...

I can't wait for Hilda to become more of a "floor dog" or "couch dog". Her biggest problem is not that she gets excited when people come over to visit her. It's the fact that she has no idea whatsoever that she is a 90lb rottweiler! I think that she honestly believes that she is a 9lb cat! You should watch her play with cat toys... especially the little balls that have bells in them. Quite a humorous sight.